Traeger Realtree Collection Grilling Products

Manufactured by Trager Grills


Traeger Grills, inventor of the original wood pellet grill introduces its collection of Realtree products designed for outdoorsmen and women. The Realtree Collection features three new products: Big Game Blend Hardwood Pellets, Big Game Sweet N’ Spicy Rub, and the Realtree Traeger Grill Cover.

Big Game Blend Pellets:

When cooking outdoors, the proper blend and quality of wood is paramount to developing mouth-watering, flavorful food. The Realtree Big Game Pellet Blend is a mixture of 100 percent pure Georgia Red & White Oak pellets that are infused with rosemary, and the flavorful smoke hits taste buds straight in the cross-hairs. This combination is ideal for any type of game meat, but also works well with beef, fish, and poultry. The oak and rosemary flavors complement game- and farm-raised meats to create moist and naturally flavorful dishes for the entire family.

Big Game Rub:

Just as Traeger wood-fired grills have revolutionized the barbecue industry, the Realtree Big Game Rub will take cooking game meats to the next level. From venison to bison, beef, pork, and poultry, this big game sweet and spicy rub adds character and another layer of flavor to dishes as it enhances the natural flavor of the meat. This premium blend features all-natural sugar, chili peppers, garlic, and pepper.

Realtree Grill Cover:

The Realtree Grill Cover provides maximum protection from all the elements. This durable cover is made with a heavy-duty 600 denier all-weather material, featuring the Realtree Xtra pattern. The Realtree Grill Cover offers maximum protection for dedicated hunters and outdoor cooks that pursue grilling as a year-round sport.