Vero Vellini Realtree Camo Gun Slings

Manufactured by Vero Vellini


Vero Vellini Realtree Camo Gun Slings are not only super comfortable, but they will absolutely stay put on your shoulder in all climates and temperatures. At the same time, they offer superior durability and an exceptionally clean design with beautifully detailed styling.

Available in the most popular Realtree camo patterns, the slings use an extremely durable thorn-proof nylon camo surface for maximum wear and durability. All edges are piped to prevent fraying and the camo surface is laminated to the neoprene surface for a smooth and even finish. The three-layer Air-Cushion® system sandwiches neoprene and other natural and synthetic materials to create an almost weightless feeling when you're carrying a firearm and will also prevent your rifle from bobbing or bouncing excessively.

 All materials used in Vero Vellini products are UV light resistant, weather and temperature proof and engineered to survive the toughest hunting conditions. Only the highest-quality, premium-grade leather is used throughout the entire Vero Vellini product line. The double stitch at all attachment points and piping of the edging gives you the look and feel of unparalleled luxury.

Vero Vellini Camo Slings are available in standard and wide-top widths, with or without sewn-in swivels.