North Carolina Duck Hunters Die in Plane Crash

A plane carrying a group of waterfowl hunters, including four teens, crashed near the coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Sunday, Feb. 13. All of the plane’s occupants died in the crash, and their bodies have been located. The News & Observer reports that divers recovered the bodies during...

12 Reasons Why Your Venison Tastes Like Hell

I’m often amazed at the people, deer hunters included, who tell me they just don’t like venison. That statement is usually followed by a qualifier: it’s tough; it’s gamy; it’s dry. And so on. I’ve eaten a lot of good deer meat. But I’ve eaten some really bad deer meat,...

All About Froggin’

(Editor's Note: As summer kicks off, we're celebrating frog hunting all week on This classic from the archives was originally published in spring of 2009. The couples referenced here are all still married to this day.) A plate of fried frog legs is the best-tasting dish known to man...

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How to Help Your Kids Love the Outdoors

What is the secret that turns boys and girls to outdoorsfolk? Is it the area of the country they’re raised in? Nah, don’t think so. The food they eat, or vitamins they take? Probably not. The video games or the devices they play them on? Definitely not. In the end,...

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DIY Archery Emergency Kit

It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting 10 minutes from home or 10 miles from the trailhead. If you spend enough time in the field as a bowhunter you’ll encounter an equipment issue. Having these basic archery tools and accessories at the ready can spell the difference between success and a...

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5 Ways to Improve Spot and Stalk Bowhunting Success

Spot and stalk hunting with archery tackle is challenging, sometimes frustrating, and a whole lot of fun. I’ve found that nothing gets my adrenaline flowing like sneaking into bow range of unsuspecting game. This method of hunting will test your skills and patience. But when success is realized there is...

How to Kill Pressured Turkeys

Public land. Late season. Mute gobblers. We all encounter these problems. Here’s how to pull out the stops and tag a longbeard that won’t cooperate.

8 Advanced Rangefinder Skills Bowhunters Need to Know

Judging range has always been a big part of archery. Arrows, even from the fastest compound bows, travel in arching paths. Misjudged range has probably caused more misses than all other factors. Then came affordable laser rangefinders, which are now standard-issue gear for modern bowhunters. And misses disappeared. Yeah, right...

10 Ways to Become a Better Archer

Shooting targets with a bow is one thing. Shooting animals is another. Use these shooting tips from hunting professionals to improve your accuracy in the field

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Tips for Bowhunting Pigs

Interest in bowhunting hogs seems to be on the rise, and it's no wonder. Wild pigs are great to eat, fun to stalk, economical to hunt and their numbers desperately need to be controlled. In many places, there are no bag limits or licenses required, and they can be hunted...

Kill An Out-of-State Gobbler (For Less Than $1,000)

Steve Hickoff gives his tips for taking an out-of-state turkey trip on a budget

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The Top 7 Threats to Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is my absolute favorite pastime in the world. There is no greater thrill than chasing whitetails. It’s fun . It gets in your blood. And it stays there. Sadly, there are a lot of things that threaten our way of life. Deer hunting faces more opposition and challenges...