Cragg Fitz

Cragg is not the typical “I grew up hunting” kind of guy.  In fact, he didn’t start hunting until he was 15 and it quickly became his passion.  Cragg began watching outdoor   legends such as Bill Jordan, David Blanton, Mark and Terry Drury and Michael Waddell while still in high school. He began dreaming that one day he would be able to hunt with some of these guys and be on the iconic Monster Bucks DVD series.

After high school, Cragg had a brief stint at Belhaven University on a football scholarship where he then decided to come home and join the local Sherriff’s Office.  He spent the next eight years there as a deputy and narcotics agent, all while videoing and guiding hunts with his friend Slade Priest. In his last year at the Sheriff’s Office he got his big break and started filming for several outdoor television shows. His first being a video gig with Realtree Outdoors where he was then able to film with both Bill Jordan and David Blanton.  That particular fall of filming with Realtree is where Cragg decided to make this profession his number one priority. 

He changed careers in 2011 and was hired on with the Baton Rouge Fire Department so he could have more time off to pursue his career in the Outdoor Industry.  During this time he was also attempting to start a show of his own all while videoing for shows such as, Wildgame Nation, Buckmasters, Realtree Road Trips, Bone Collector and many others.  Cragg along with friends, Slade Priest, Blake Devall and Ryan Wascom formed Trained Assassins TV and began filming all of their hunts.  After a couple of years their show was picked up by the Sportsman Channel and Trained Assassins TV is now ready to air their 4th season and began their filming for Season 5 this fall. 

Cragg has since left the fire department and in addition to Trained Assassins TV, is now employed with Plano Synergy where he manages several other TV shows; Wildgame Nation, Headhunters TV, Red Arrow TV, Turkey Man and Avian X.  Filming for his own show and working full time for Plano Synergy keeps him away from home a lot, which is the hardest part of all.

He is married to his lovely wife, Jansen, and has two kids, Wes (4 years old) and Lennon (1 year old).  Wes can be a little rambunctious at times and truly believes he is a Ninja Turtle; while Lennon is definitely the boss and runs the house.  Cragg enjoys nothing more than to spend as much time as possible pretending to be “Shredder” or making his little princess laugh as much as possible.