David Holder

If David is not bow hunting then he is preparing a bow hunt, talking about a bow hunt or thinking about bowhunting.   David has been obsessed the outdoors for as far back as he can remember in fact at the age of 16 he discovered a bow and arrow and the desire that he had for spending time outdoors changed to a wild passion for bow hunting.  David quickly became enthralled with the chess game played with the crafty critters and also to learn everything he could about it.


Many years later and from that obsession, David became the founder and producer of Raised Hunting, the popular TV series that airs on Outdoor Channel.  Raised Hunting is in its fourth season and the storytelling has just begun.  Through the series David and the family share the lessons learned while hunting for they have found that life lessons are often taught and learned in the woods.  Davids passion for his Family and the outdoors continues as he also runs a non profit organization, Raised At Full Draw which now focuses on the next generation and turning them into hunters as well.  David and his family are working hard to make sure that the culture, wildlife and lifestyle that has been vital to them is still available for his grandchildren and beyond.