Deer Hunting in Maryland

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  • A
  • 214,000

    Est. Whitetail Population

  • 118,000

    No. Licenses Sold Annually

  • $24.50 and Up

    Resident hunting license is $24.50 plus $10 per bonus antlerless deer stamp, $6.00 for bow stamp and $6.00 for muzzleloader stamp.

    Resident hunting license and deer permit

  • $130 and Up

    Nonresident hunting license is $130 plus $25 per bonus antlerless deer stamp, $25 for bow stamp and $25 for muzzleloader stamp.

    Non-resident hunting license and deer permit

  • 194"

    Taken by Kevin Miller in Kent County in 2002, ranked No. 69th of all time.

    Record B&C Typical Stat

  • 67

    Total B&C Typical Entries

  • 248 7/8"

    Taken by Donza L. Watson in Charles County in 2007.

    Record B&C Non-Typical Stat

  • 36

    Record B&C Non-Typical Entries

Maryland is home to some good deer hunting. (Critterbiz photo)

Season Dates (2019):

Dates vary greatly depending on region with different close dates and antlerless seasons. So, check regulations for your area(s). However, the state as a whole will span the following dates. Archery season is September 6 to January 31 with closed periods throughout. Muzzleloader season runs October 17 to 19 and December 21 to January 4. Firearms season runs from November 30 to December 14. These are the primary dates set when published, please check the state DNR's website to confirm.

The Grade: A

With over 200,000 whitetails, Maryland is a pretty good deer state. After three years of fairly mild winters and heavy mast crops in the fall, the herd is in excellent shape going into the 2017-2018 season. Two years ago a strong anti-poaching bill vastly increased fines for convicted poachers in the state and shows hope of curtailing illegal harvesting of deer.

With a two-buck and, in some areas, an unlimited or very liberal antlerless harvest limit, Maryland offers both the meat and horn hunters ample opportunity. Over-the-counter tags, expansive public land areas, and varied terrain and habitat ranging from salt marsh to Eastern mountain ranges make this state an interesting choice for both in- and out-of-state hunters.

Once again, the north-central to north-western counties led the way with Frederick and Washington leading the charge, but good deer and respectable numbers were produced throughout the state. And take a look at the recent B&C record deer data when each state is looked at from a level playing field.. Here's a shocker.

Antler Nation Knowledge:

Maryland has been a hotbed for big bucks over the last several years, and the past couple have been no exception. While typicals had dominated the record book additions a few years ago, 2014 saw a couple of non-typicals enter the books. Interestingly, both came from more coastal areas in the eastern portion of the state. With the good feed and mild winter, watch for Maryland to add to their record book totals again this fall.



Maryland Harvests

  • Sam Collins

    Montgomery , Maryland

  • cole Jessop

    smithsburg, Maryland

From the Realtree Trophy Den