Deer Hunting in Wyoming

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  • B
  • 60,000

    Est. Whitetail Population

  • 28,600

    No. Licenses Sold Annually

  • $42

    License sales totals include mule deer and whitetails.

    Resident hunting license and deer permit

  • $374 (regular) $662 (special)

    License sales totals include mule deer and whitetails.

    Non-resident hunting license and deer permit

  • 191 5/8"

    Taken by Robert Ross in Albany County in 1986 and currently ranked No. 127.

    Record B&C Typical Stat

  • 17

    Total B&C Typical Entries

  • 261 5/8"

    Taken by Bobby Beeman in Park County in 1998 and currently ranks No. 53.

    Record B&C Non-Typical Stat

  • 25

    Record B&C Non-Typical Entries

Nate Hosie with his giant Wyoming buck. Image courtesy of Nate Hosie

Season Dates (2022):

For most hunters, archery season opens Sept. 1 and ends at various times, location depending. Likewise, in most areas, regular season opening and closing dates vary greatly by hunt area. Additional season dates apply. Check Wyoming Game and Fish Department regulations for specific season dates.

The Grade: B

Because mule deer are the first choice for most Wyoming hunters, whitetails are somewhat overlooked in the Cowboy State. Wyoming’s whitetail herd is scattered in pockets but primarily located in the Black Hills, Bighorn Basin and Riverton regions, as well as along the river drainages and farmland in the eastern third of the state. The lush alfalfa fields of the river bottom farm country and the rugged terrain at higher elevations offer unique hunts.

For those merely hunting for meat, there are often opportunities to hunt with doe licenses that can be purchased in addition to a buck license. Further, a general license allows a hunter to pursue mule deer and whitetails. Seasons run from September to November or beyond for white-tailed deer. Regarding applications, limited quota licenses restrict hunters to one area, but these can provide a chance for a less-crowded experience with a better opportunity at a mature, trophy-class buck.

EHD outbreaks have affected the Black Hills and eastern Bighorn Basin in the past decade, but according to state game officials, whitetail populations have since recovered. CWD is increasingly a concern, but that’s the case in many states. A major downfall is steep tag pricing and potential draw wait periods. All told, the state remains a B for the 2020 season.

Antler Nation Knowledge:

There are public-land opportunities across Wyoming. But the best hunting is generally found on private ground in the more productive whitetail regions, and the biggest bucks are found throughout the eastern and northern counties. An outfitter is generally required, and there are plenty to choose from. That being said, the hunter success rate in Wyoming is around 50%, with the chance to kill a quality buck and enjoy a true Western hunting experience. 

In hunt areas with limited public land, we highly recommend obtaining permission from a landowner before applying for the license. Otherwise, you might have a license with nowhere to hunt. Or, take advantage of opportunities in the form of Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service lands, and walk-in hunting areas open to the public.

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Wyoming Harvests

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