19 Crazy Deer Hunting Videos

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Ghillie suit bowhunt from the ground. Sleeping in the woods to get a buck. A crazy snort-wheeze caught on camera. Buck popping a pimple. And more

Some pretty crazy things happen in nature. Image by Midwest Whitetail

Deer hunting is full of surprises — good and bad. Rarely do things go according to plan in nature, but that’s OK, because it’d be boring if it did. Sometimes, you need something interesting to shake it up. Some of these videos are just that. Others are just shocking, wild, happy or even sad. Regardless, check out these 20 crazy deer hunting videos you need to see.

1. Mature Buck Emits a Loud Grunt-Snort-Wheeze

Deer are far more vocal than hunters often believe. In this trail camera video, we see and hear a big buck emit a loud grunt-snort-wheeze right in front of the camera. You can even see its body language and posture before, during and after sounding off.

2. Monster Bow Buck from the Ground with No Blind

Midwest Whitetail’s Jared Mills is an accomplished bowhunter. He’s filled tags on a lot of great bucks. But his finest moment might not be his biggest whitetail. Rather, it could be the moment he arrowed a big late-season buck from the ground without a blind. That takes increased stealth, heightened awareness and hard-earned skill to pull off, which he did.

3. Hunter Arrows Huge Buck Over Decoy

The Virtue’s Phillip “P-Viddy” Vanderpool is a masterful bowhunter. He’s arrowed more mature bucks than most hunters have seen. In this video, he shoots a buck that walks into the decoy set with several other deer. In true P-Viddy fashion, he sends one through the heart.

4. Buck Regains Consciousness in Truck Bed

A hunter was heading out after ducks when a young spike buck ran into the side of his truck. Unsure of what to do, the man placed the deer in his truck bed. Soon thereafter, while still dazed and confused, the deer started looking around as the man talked to it.

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5. 77-Year-Old Man Shoots His First Buck

Most hunters don’t get their first buck at 77 years old, but Guy Cole of Kentucky sure did. In this episode of Chasing November by Midwest Whitetail, he tags a great buck and clearly enjoys some of the many experiences that deer hunting has to offer.

6. Deer Attack Compilations

As prey animals, whitetails have a healthy dose of fight or flight reflexes. Rarely do they exercise the former, though. Generally, their solution is to flee. In this compilation of videos, deer took to the other end of that spectrum and attacked people.

7. Whitetail Buck Pops Pimple

Although it’s technically an abscess, calling it a pimple is much more fun, and this yearling buck popped a massive one on camera. Using his hind foot, he kicked open the huge growth until it started draining onto the ground beside him. He then began licking the drainage and nibbling puss-covered plants around him. It’s just a whole lot of nasty in one short video.

8. Massive Buck Chases Does Around While Grunting 

Gregg Ritz of HuntMasters TV knows whitetails, and he’s spent a good bit of time hunting them. On this outing, he watched a big deer come charging into a field like a bull, and it proceeded to chase deer around with serious vigor.

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9. Luke Bryan’s Famous Buck Fever “Reaction”

No one ever accused Luke Bryan of being without a personality. His is as deep and vast as the Pacific itself, and it shows in this hunting video. He gets all kinds of jacked up after shooting a huge Illinois deer. “Is he down?” Find out here.

10. Downed Doe “Comes Back to Life”

One of the rules of deer hunting is to always be sure your downed animal is in fact dead before getting too close. This hunt is a great reminder of that, showing that deer aren’t always expired when we think they are.

11. Migrating Prairie Buck Charges Toward Hunters

Mule deer often migrate during the late season to find better shelter and food. They can cover a lot of ground quite quickly. This hunter experienced that and had a big mule deer run “straight down the barrel” to him.

12. A Stupid-Wide Buck Goes Down

Most bucks don’t get any wider than 17 or 18 inches, but when they do, the racks can be exceptional. This Kansas deer is one such buck, and he sported a crazy-wide rack. Buck Commander’s Adam LaRoche wasn’t upset about it, either.

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13. 200-Inch Buck Nearly Washes Away in River

Midwest Whitetail’s Mike Reed passed a 200-inch deer, only to shoot it a few days later. After hours of searching, Reed and friends spotted the deer stuck in a log jam in a nearby river. Watch this incredible tracking and recovery effort.

14. Sick Deer Walks Circles in the Road

Often, deer infected with epizootic hemorrhagic disease quickly lose their fear of humans. They also tend to appear dazed and confused, and it’s not unusual to see them walking in tight circles. These are near-death symptoms that hunters should recognize when seen in the field.

15. Bobcat Kills Whitetail Doe

Some hunters say bobcats can’t kill grown deer, but they can. Of course, yearlings and inexperienced deer are even more likely to be taken down by bobcats. In this video, we see a mature bobcat kill what appears to be a fawn or yearling doe in winter. The bobcat had no trouble securing this massive meal that greatly outweighed it.

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16. Buck Survives Crazy Neck Injury

Whitetails are tough animals, and this one is walking — actually, running — proof of that. Displaying an obvious neck injury that must be incredibly painful, the deer trots through the woods like it’s nothing. (It has an uncanny resemblance to Professor Filch’s gait in Harry Potter.) But there’s something going on here. Its neck is all kinds of messed up.

17. 210-Inch Buck on Trail Cam Video

Rarely do hunters see 200-plus-inch deer in the wild — let alone get a trail camera video of it. But one person did, and it’s a sight to behold, thanks to the Bushnell camera. This big buck is captivating, sporting tons of character and extra points.

18. “Dead” Buck Gets Back Up

Thinking the buck was taking its “last few breaths,” one guy’s dead deer “came back to life.” As the hunter watched the buck, it eventually spotted him and quickly jumped back up.

19. Sleeping in the Woods for a Big Buck

Bill Winke is a renowned bowhunter. He’s been known to go to the extreme to fill tags on monster bucks. But sleeping in the woods because of poor entry and exit routes might take the cake. Check out how dedicated he was in his effort to arrow a huge buck during the 2021 season.

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