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Bowhunting Giant Late-Season Bucks

This father-son team from Kansas consistently kills huge bucks in the second rut with their bows, from the ground. Here's how they get it done

Rack Report: Steven Hendrickson's Giant Oklahoma Buck

Hunter: Steven Hendrickson Buck: 175-inch Typical Location: Southwest Oklahoma Weapon: Bowtec Time of Year: Early October, 2011

Top Rack Report States

Realtree Outdoors Facebook fans predict where 2012’s giant bucks will come from

2011 Rack Report: Let the Games Begin

The Realtree Rack Report. The coolest big-buck spot on the Internet

Meet Tank Lakosky

Lee and Tiffany’s new black Lab is trained to find shed antlers—he’ll retrieve ducks and pheasants, too

2010 Best of

A look back at the most popular stories and photo essays from 2010

Monster Bucks Moments

Record-book whitetails, unforgettable shots and agonizing misses. A look back at some of the most memorable hunts in Realtree’s Monster Bucks video series

Introducing the New Rack Report

We love to tell great stories about giant bucks. That’s always been at the heart of what we do at Realtree. And now, we’re taking it a step further with the newly designed Rack Report .

Milk River Whitetails on Your Own

Here’s how you can use Montana’s Block Management Program to hunt near David Blanton’s favorite early season whitetail area.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" Helps Columbus Family

Thanks to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer ( ) and reporter Sonya Sorich for the contents of this report. Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan and his son Tyler visited the new "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" home of one of our local community's inspirational families the past Sunday, February 28...

From Lake to Stand

There are few people known simply by their initials. Every American knows JFK. Football fans loved LT. Politicos often debate the decisions of the AG. And fishing fans know KVD. Kevin VanDam. The man is arguably the world’s greatest bass angler. He’s the reigning BASS Angler of the Year (his...

Tiffany’s Anniversary Buck

The first hunting trip of the season for “The Crush TV” hosts Lee and Tiffany Lakosky was also a sentimental one. They accepted an invitation from David Blanton to return to Seven J Outfitters in Sundance, Wyo., where, six years ago, the newly married couple spent their honeymoon pursuing whitetails...

Realtree Rewind: A Picture Perfect Buck

Location: Northwest Indiana Hunter: Bill Konway Realtree Photographer/Writer When: Late October Weather/Season Phase: Mid-40 temps with overcast skies. Deer in the area have moved into the pre-rut phase of the season. Species: Whitetail Weapon/Gear: Hoyt Xtec, Tru-Glo site, Grim Reaper Broadheads, Arctic Shield outerwear in Realtree Hardwoods. Terrain: Small farm...

Realtree Rewind: A Major League Whitetail

Hunters: Ned Yost, manager of the Milwaukee Brewers and David Blanton Location: Alberta, Canada with Ron Nemetchek of North River Outfitting Dates: October 28-November 5, 2006 Weapons: Guns and bows Weather: Snow with temps dipping to 10 degrees The reason I enjoy hunting in Alberta so much is because of...

Vital Shot Placement Tips for Bowhunters

Over the years, I've seen or heard of many bow-taken deer that were shot through the liver. Had the arrow been a touch farther back, chances are the deer would never have been found. I've also heard horror tales of deer that were hit too low or too high in...

A Royal Deer Hunter

EDITOR'S NOTE: Every day here at Realtree, we get e-mails from hunters who want to provide feedback or share their hunting experiences with us. We love to received these e-mails and look forward to responding to them. Sometimes we receive very unique e-mails that really catch our attention. Recently, a...

America's Best Redneck Reveals His True Hunting Colors

The following phone interview took place about a couple of weeks ago. At that time, Willy and Billy were on location in Willy's basement. Willy was gratious enough to spare a few precious minutes to let you all in on a little secret. The secret is this: THE INCOMPLETE DEER...

Realtree Rewind: Don Kisky's 213-Inch Giant

Hunter: Don Kisky Game: Midwestern Whitetails Where: Southern Iowa Hunting Method: Bow Phase of Season: Pre-rut. Dates Hunted: November 1, 2002 Wind Direction & Weather Conditions: It was 19 degrees with a 5 mph Northwest wind Stand Location: Weedy field-edge scrapeline At first light we saw that split G-2 buck...

Outfitting The Fridge

Every now and then, pop culture in America gets a permanent fixture. In the case of NFL Legend William “The Refrigerator" Perry, he’s more of an appliance than a fixture, but he seems permanent nonetheless. BORN TO PLAY HARD You really didn’t have to be a Chicago Bears fan to...