So, You Want a Job in the Hunting Industry?


Realtree’s own David Blanton discusses outdoor-oriented careers on his new podcast with CVA’s Tony Smotherman

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One of the most common — and difficult-to-answer — questions I get is, “How can I get into the hunting industry?”

Before I respond, let me say I consider myself one of the most fortunate and blessed people. I’ve worked at Realtree for almost 30 years. It’s been an incredible run.

However, what most people don’t realize is, while it might appear massive, the hunting industry is actually very small and tight-knit. Seldom are there many desirable opportunities for employment at any level. Sure, with the onslaught of television networks airing more hunting shows than ever before, it might appear there are limitless jobs available. The truth is most hunting personalities rely on other means of income to pay the bills.

Before you get too discouraged, times are changing with the popularity of social media. When it comes to partnering with hunting companies, getting your foot in the door is a big deal. It can be easier now than ever before.

This week, on my new podcast (The David Blanton Podcast), Tony Smotherman of CVA enlightens listeners with the ins and outs of how companies such as CVA determine who they develop relationships with. Finding influencers to fly the flag is a hot trend that isn’t going away.

Tune in to hear Smotherman explain what companies are searching for. Honesty, transparency, engagement and commitment are crucial elements. Who knows? Those who aren’t afraid of hard work and slowly building their credibility could eventually end up making a living in this incredible arena we call the outdoors.

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