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Ever Torn up a Bow? Share the Story, Win Some Arrows

Road-Killed Deer Discovered in Restaurant Kitchen

So, picture this. You’re sitting at your local Chinese restaurant enjoying your egg roll and sweet and sour pork when the front door opens. Restaurant employees then wheel in a garbage can with part of a deer’s leg hanging out of the top.

Deer Thrashes Obama Sign

Much has been written about the use of deer decoys. Where to set them. How to face them. The best practices for adding scent. How to add real deer tails and antlers for enhanced realism. How to combine them with deer calling. This is all in the name of angering...

Trail Cam Review: Moultrie M-80XT

Tony Hansen reviews the Moultrie M-80 XT trail camera.

Bear Unveils New Bows

Bow season is upon us. If you couldn't tell that by the hint of crisp air and autumnal colors, the release of new bows from Bear Archery should solidify things. Bear unveiled its Anarchy bow about this time last year and I have a feeling more than a few bowhunters...

Say What? Paul Ryan's Daughter Hunts?

Oh, for crying out loud. Breaking news, CNN. Rep. Paul Ryan, candidate on the GOP ticket for vice-president, took time out yesterday between campaign stops in Ohio to shop at a Bass Pro Shops store for camo for his 10-year-old daughter’s fall deer hunt. Some in Twitterville already are crying...

Trail Cam Review: Moultrie M-100 Mini-Cam

In this trail camera review, Will Brantley tests the Moultrie M-100 Mini-Cam

Tyler Jordan: Early Season Update from Team Realtree

The 2012 hunting season has already kicked off in a big way. Several members of the Team Realtree crew have already had successful hunts for whitetails and elk. Here's the rundown of September highlights so far:

Trail Cam Review: Moultrie M-80 Black

Image Resolution: 5 MP Power Source: AA batteries (4 or 8 will power the camera) Advertised Nighttime Range (no flash): 50 Feet MSRP: $204.99

Trail Camera Review: StealthCam Unit OPS

In the first of several upcoming trail camera reviews, Tony Hansen tests the StealthCam Unit OPS

Blond Chick Shoots Velvet Buck

An early season bowhunting success story, velvet antlers included

Is Hunting Over Acorns Overrated?

When it comes to finding a prime spot to hunt, a lot of hunters look for falling acorns. But should they?

King Buck: Justice To Be Served?

The King Buck will get its day after all. The crew at Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine have done a superb job of covering the saga of a potential new World Record typical taken in Wisconsin by Johny King. D&DH first brought the story to the public spotlight and have...

Hurricanes' Impact on Wildlife

As news coverage of Hurricane Isaac continues to pour in displaying images and video of flooding, property damage and displaced people, I can’t help but wonder how wildlife in the storm zone is fairing

The HSS Hybrid Vest and LifeLine

A few winters ago, one of my best hunting buddies nearly got killed while pig hunting in Florida. He wasn’t charged by a raging wild boar. He fell head-first out of a lock-on stand and broke his neck. Since the stand was no more than 12 feet off the ground,...

The Perils of Deer Population Estimates

How many deer live in your state?

Guest Blog: Tyler Jordan

I think part of having a good blog is having some good guest writers to give a different perspective from time to time. That's especially true for Hansen and me. Both of us lean to the side of grumpy and cynical anyhow, but particularly right now, since we still have...

Survey says hunter numbers up 9 percent

According to a preliminary report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Department of the Interior, hunters increased their ranks from 12.5 million in 2006 to 13.7 million in 2011. The USFWS conducts a national survey, underwritten by Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid dollars, to survey Americans who hunt, fish and...

Trailcam Photos In Your Inbox

Trail camera season is underway. For some with serious whitetail afflictions, the trailcam season never closes. But for most, the season kicks off in early summer and reaches fever pitch sometime this month.

Michael Waddell’s Radio Collared Buck

One of the things we hunters appreciate about whitetails is their elusiveness. Even in this day of intense trail camera scrutiny and unprecedented knowledge of deer behavior and management by even casual hunters, a mature buck is a downright mysterious creature.