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Kansas Record Buck Poached

There are few things I can think of that disgust me more than a poacher. A repeat poaching offender, however, is the lowest of low.

It's Friday: Time for a First Buck Story

In a Browtines and Backstrap post earlier this week, we asked for first buck stories and photos—and man, did you guys and gals ever respond. Every Friday, beginning today, we’re going to pick a first buck story and post it, right here. Thing is, you’ve got to keep sending them...

Hunting with My Camera in the Great Smoky Mountains

As we drove along the snow-dusted road from Townsend, Tenn., to Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a few days ago, I looked down in horror at the car’s outside air temperature gauge, which read 13 degr

Wanted: First Buck Stories and Photos

See that strapping, bare-chested lad in this photo? That’s me, some years ago, with my first buck, a 7-pointer that I shot during a youth hunt in Ballard County, Kentucky. That’s my older cousin, Casey, on the right.

Defining Trophy Deer

How do you define the words “ trophy deer ”? Inches of antler? Age of the buck? Or is it something deeper? Perhaps the experience of a successful hunt, taken as a whole, regardless of what the animal looks like?

GPS Unit For Hunting: Where To Start?

It’s early February. The Super Bowl is on. And what am I doing? I’m searching around the Internet for a new GPS unit for hunting and a mapping solution that will provide some sort of overlay data for public lands. Can this be considered obsessive behavior? I sure hope so.

Is The World Record Typical Whitetail In Hiding?

The new World Record typical whitetail is dead. I don't know what it scores. I don't know where it was killed. Truth be told, I don't know for a fact that one was even shot. But I'd bet that it was. Alright, I'll explain. I make part of my living...

Stephanie's SHOT Pick: Próis Intuition System Featuring HECS Technology

Have you ever hunted an animal that spooked for no apparent reason? The wind was in your favor. You didn’t flinch. You did nothing to make the animal aware of your presence, yet it somehow knew you were in the area and fled anyway. I learned at the 2012 SHOT...

Real(tree) Men Wear Sweater Vests

The ATA and SHOT shows are finally over for 2012. We’ve spent so much time pointing out cool gear and favorite products from the shows this year that I think it’s only fair to point out my least-favorite aspect of the shows—the Realtree Sweater Vests.

Tony's 2012 SHOT Show Pick: Nikon Affordable Optics

The editorial crew gets the enviable task of checking out as many new products as possible during the SHOT Show each year. And we certainly found some cool stuff . At the end of the show, we choose one that stood out. To me, the choice was pretty easy...

Texting Gloves: Next Must-Have Deer Product?

Just over two months ago, my phone buzzed, and when I picked it up, it said, “1 New Message from Dad.” I opened it up, and there was a picture of a dead buck with a text that said, “Will, thought u would want 2 C this.” I replied: “Who...

Zeolite: New Scent Control Magic?

There are few things in the woods that have saved more whitetails than last night’s camp chili. Let's not go into details and just state simple facts: Deer can smell really, really well. Deer hunters are fond of chili. You can see where this is going . . . Deer...

Brantley's SHOT Pick: Benjamin Air Gun

Most of my work on is done from my home office in Kentucky. Yep, I'm usually wearing pajamas (or long underwear during hunting season). Matches right up with the image you had, right? Anyway, pajamas aside, one of the biggest advantages of my home office is the opportunity for...

New Breed AR-15s for Deer Hunting

Walk around the floor of the SHOT Show for a while—and spend much time discussing it with folks on the hunting side of the business—and one theme becomes starkly clear: the “black guns” are taking over. People love their AR-15s, and there’s no doubt the AR-15 craze is the fastest-growing...

Brantley's ATA Pick: Easton Injexion Arrow Shafts

We saw a ton of great new stuff at the 2012 ATA Show in Columbus, Ohio, but I'd have to say my favorite was this new A/C Injexion arrow shaft from Easton . I'm already hearing great things from pro-staffers who've had a chance to shoot it, both on the...

Hansen's ATA Pick: The X-Stand

I love new treestands . Just got back from the ATA show and there were plenty of interesting things to see. But one item in particular really stood out - the x-stand treestand - and I thought I'd share it. Check out the video.

Meet Barbara Baird

When Will Brantley asked if I’d be interested in handling the new Realtree Outdoor News blog, it took about half a second to think about the offer and reply, “Yes, please!” What a grand opportunity we all will have not only to learn more about what’s happening in the outdoor...

Meet Brantley

I wasn’t into team sports as a kid, and to this day, don’t care much about watching them on TV. I had good buddies, but whether or not I hung out with them after school was of no real consequence to me. Hunting, for whatever was in season, was the...