8 Great Camo Patterns for Deer Hunting This Season

Which of These Patterns Work Best Where You Hunt?

Realtree EDGERealtree EDGERealtree EDGERealtree EDGERealtree EDGE

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1 | Realtree EDGE

Bill Jordan has perfected the art of developing quality camo patterns. His attentiveness to detail and ability to design patterns that utterly dominate the outdoor market are unprecedented. And the effectiveness of the all-new Realtree EDGE pattern is simply stunning. It's going to be a great pattern for deer hunting.

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Realtree XtraRealtree XtraRealtree XtraRealtree XtraRealtree Xtra

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2 | Realtree Xtra

Here you have your one-camo-fits-all pattern. Xtra works extremely well from the Southeast, to the Northeast, and all the way over past the Midwest. It even works in some locations way out West. Needless to say, it performs in a variety of habitats. It performs the best once the leaves change in fall all the way through deer season. It even works great come turkey time.

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Realtree Xtra GreenRealtree Xtra GreenRealtree Xtra GreenRealtree Xtra GreenRealtree Xtra Green

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3 | Realtree Xtra Green

Xtra Green is the best early season deer hunting camo pattern on the market. It blends right in during that period when everything is still green out. It’s the right choice for those September and early to mid-October hunts. And it’s really good for those who turkey hunt after the spring green-up.

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Realtree MAX-1 XTRealtree MAX-1 XTRealtree MAX-1 XTRealtree MAX-1 XTRealtree MAX-1 XT

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4 | Realtree MAX-1 XT

As our mainstream western pattern, MAX-1 XT is excellent for prairie, desert and mountainous terrain. It blends into those environments better than any pattern I’ve tried and truly keeps hunters hidden. It’s great for midwestern and western deer hunts. It’s even effective for other big and small game hunts in those regions, too.

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Realtree MAX-5Realtree MAX-5Realtree MAX-5Realtree MAX-5Realtree MAX-5

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5 | Realtree MAX-5

I know. MAX-5 is a waterfowl pattern. But you see how well it blends into those cattails, trees and reeds, right? For those who deer hunt in lowlands and swampy ground, I wouldn’t think twice about slipping on some MAX-5. It’ll keep you hidden from those swamp donkeys, as they say.

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Realtree OriginalRealtree OriginalRealtree OriginalRealtree OriginalRealtree Original

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6 | Realtree Original

The camo pattern that put Realtree on the map. Original was really popular then. It’s extremely popular now. And we’re offering it to the public once again. Whether you’re the type who loves to sit on the ground up against an oak tree, or the person who enjoys getting 20 feet high in a treestand, Original will work for you.

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Realtree AP SnowRealtree AP SnowRealtree AP SnowRealtree AP SnowRealtree AP Snow

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7 | Realtree AP Snow

Deer hunting in those northern stretches where it snows more than it rains? Just want something for those late-season hunts? Well, AP Snow is for you. You see how well it blends into snow-packed areas. The proof is in the picture.

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Realtree AP BlazeRealtree AP BlazeRealtree AP BlazeRealtree AP BlazeRealtree AP Blaze

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8 | Realtree AP Blaze

Are you a gun hunter? Need that blaze orange to be compliant with game laws? Just want to be safe and stand out to other hunters? AP Blaze is the right choice for you. But be careful, as some state laws require uninterrupted orange to be compliant with hunting laws. So you might need to throw on a vest over the top.

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Realtree Camo GuideRealtree Camo GuideRealtree Camo GuideRealtree Camo GuideRealtree Camo Guide

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9 | Realtree Camo Guide

Still not sure which pattern is right for your 2018 deer hunt? Try our Camo Guide and make an educated decision on what works best for you. You’ll be glad you did. And we’ll be honored to help get you closer to the game you pursue.

Happy hunting this fall. Have fun with your family. Enjoy your time with friends. Take hold of your outdoor adventures. And bring home the meats. The best time of the year is on the horizon.

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It’s that time of year again. We’re going through withdrawals because, for most, turkey season is practically over for another year and deer season is still four or five months away. Hunters are looking at gear. Buying it when their spouses will let them. (Check out these awesome deals on Realtree camo, by the way.)

But despite the sadness, you have beach fronts, lake time, pool visits and long romantic walks through the woods with your significant other to tide you over until fall, right? Sure you do. Because even if those things won't quench your thirst for adventure, you gotta build up some relationship cred over the next several months. Because we all know it’s nothing but debits out of the brownie-point bank account once deer season rolls around. Do the time now. Have the time to kill big bucks later.

All joking aside, it’s that dreamy period between turkey and deer season where we have nothing to do but wish it was fall. Well, soon enough it will be. And you’d best get the gear you need now so you’re prepared for what we all hope will be the best season ever this fall.

But it won’t be the best season ever if you keep getting busted. Whitetails have an uncanny ability to pick off hunters that move too much. They also have the ability to pick out objects that don’t belong in their environment. And that’s the very reason why you have to blend into your surroundings in order to beat a whitetail’s sense of sight.

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Camo has come a long way in the last 30 years. It’s way more advanced than ever before. And hunters are greatly benefitting from it.

Lucky for all of us, we have numerous camo patterns out there right now that will keep you hidden from the game you pursue. Sure, deciding which one is right for you can be a difficult task. They’re all pretty eye-catching online and on the shelves of popular retailers. But you slip these bad boys on in the woods, prairies and wetlands and it’s quite the opposite in the field. Not so “eye-catching” then, eh? Not at all, Jack. Why? Because they keep you hidden. That's why. Even Si Robertson loves Realtree camo. And if you ain’t on board with Si, you ain’t right. See just how well these camo patterns blend in the photos below.

And if you can’t decide on a pattern, we’ve developed an interactive program that will help you choose the right pattern. We call it The Camo Guide. Fancy name? No. Effective? You better believe it. Click the orange link above the graphic and it’ll take all your concealment stress and worries away. That’s right. Realtree’s that good.

Or, just buy them all. We're fine with that, too. ;)

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