Battling Bucks


1 | Young Challenger

Old, mature veterans typically rule the roost in their territory - but the occasional young scrapper will challenge them. 

2 | Winner Takes All

Yeah, he'd better run. 

3 | Heat of Battle

Tines and main beams are frequently broken. 

4 | Late-Season Buck Fight

Though most fighting takes place just before peak breeding, bucks will sometimes fight well into the late season. 

5 | Post-Fight Exhaustion

A mature buck exhasuted from a grueling fight. 

6 | Big Boys

Two brawlers like this make a lot of noise.

7 | Crowd Pleaser

Fights often draw the attention of every buck in hearing distance.

8 | South Texas Bucks

This photo was taken in South Texas; the rest were taken in the Northeast.

9 | Fight to the Death

On occasion, bucks will fight to the death.

10 | Locked Up

The amount of energy bucks burn during a battle is amazing.

11 | Bucks Fighting in a Pond

Bucks can square off and fight most anywhere.

12 | Yearling Bucks

Yearling bucks fighting.