Most "Liked" Kids' Hunting Photos


1 | Gabe Niedert

Gabe Niedert, 3, enjoys one of his first goose-hunting trips. 

2 | Tristan Ivey

Tristan Ivey, age 6: "He was supposed to be watching the left side. When I didn’t hear much from him, I turned to look, and this is what I found. At least he was still and quiet," says Joey Ivey. 

3 | Dawson Hunter

Tommy Frost and his son, Dawson, walk down a power line in Alabama during Dawson’s first hunting trip.

4 | Joshua Lambert

Joshua Lambert just turned 9 months old, but hopefully he and his father, Josh, will get to spend some time this fall in the deer stand. 

5 | Kynlie Rae Collins

Kynlie Rae Collins, 6, enjoys Georgia hunt camp with her daddy.

6 | Noah Brimhall

Noah Brimhall on his first dove hunt in Nevada. 

7 | Kenna and Hunter Remington

Kenna and Hunter Remington were given their first .22s at ages 7 and 5, respectively. 

8 | Brody Blind

Brody Blind with his first Realtree camo hat. He is always ready to go hunting with his daddy. 

9 | Morgan

Christian Blackburn took his daughter Bailey,4, on her first bowhunting trip for deer last October.

10 | Camden Panish

Camden Panish sacks out on a spring turkey hunt in 2012. A tom was hung up approximately 50 yards out gobbling like crazy, but wouldn’t close the gap or show himself.