2Steel Girls Release New Single and Music Video

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Have you met the faces of Realtree Girl? Meet 2Steel Girls and pick up their new single, Mad Black Magic today on iTunes.

The single, which combines a deep-thump rhythm and feisty vocals chants an anthem of marching to the beat of your own drum. It holds true to what the duo has faced not only personally, but also professionally.

“Coming into the music industry, we didn't really know the direction we wanted to go or who we were musically,” Allison said. “And because we were put into the spotlight so quickly, we had to learn on our feet. We had a lot of people tell us that who we are maybe wasn't the best option. We were too goofy and not glamorous enough. Other sounds and looks were successful, so we should just go with that. And for a while we listened. We came to the point where we just looked at each other and said enough is enough. People can really tell when you aren't being genuine, and we aren't good at being anything but ourselves. So you'll see that this music and our look are different from Train Wreck, but it's truly us."

Being themselves has worked indeed. Although their first album Train Wreck was a great success, since changing their branding 2Steel Girls have not only obtained a clearer sense of direction and drive, but have now been named the faces of Realtree's Realtree Girls brands. Being lifelong hunting, fishing and general outdoors enthusiasts Allison and Krystal felt this partnership is not only a perfect fit, but couldn't have come at a better time.

The music video follows this journey and revelation that 2Steel Girls has recently made. The story line opens to a voodoo queen casting a spell on 2Steel Girls to make them into something that they aren't. As they sit in gowns in the back of a limo, the spells work for a while until the duo decides they've had enough. The limo comes to a halt and the duo steps out as themselves. Dressed in boots and camo, they go on a manhunt to track down the voodoo queen. When they finally find her hideout, 2Steel Girls set it on fire and make a quick escape.

With grit and a smile, 2Steel Girls prove that it really does pay to be yourself. As of April 21, Mad Black Magic is available on iTunes and Amazon. And you can view the music video on 2Steel Girls' YouTube channel.