Bill Winke Joins

Better than any other self-styled deer guru, antler king or Mr. Droptine himself, Bill can teach you how to find and kill big bucks. He's been doing just that through articles in our American Hunter magazine for more than a decade, and now, with his video-based "Whitetail Season" on NRA's website for hunters, he will show you how in exciting, entertaining, easy-to-follow weekly lessons. Every week Bill will post two new videos, his "Tip of the Week" and his personal season-long diary, both of which will take us from this point in the dog days of pre-season through to the close of the season in January. This hard-core, fresh-from-the-video-camera perspective will stay current with what the deer are doing each week, and accordingly, what a hunter should be doing. You will be right there in the stand with Bill watching some of the most amazing deer footage anywhere of the giant Iowa bucks he's chasing this year. You will learn the strategies and tricks he employs to be so successful and will clearly see that you can put these same tactics to work at your deer-hunting spot.

Video entries will appear on Monday and Wednesday, with the Monday "Tip" installment focusing on immediate, practical advice, corresponding with the pre-, mid- and post-season hunting. Current pre-season write-ups focus on scouting and stand placement, while future videos will discuss rut strategy and hunting techniques that correspond to the specific seasonal challenges that hunters overcome.

The second video, debuting on Wednesdays, will track Winke as he hunts two beautiful bucks on his lease, covering in-depth scouting and tracking skills with a narrative element.

Video installments are available only on