Bill Winke’s Midwest Whitetail Now On TV!

Internet Favorite Whitetail Show Jumping to Sportsman Channel
New Berlin, WI -- Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, announces today the debut of industry whitetail expert, Bill Winke, and his show Midwest Whitetail with Bill Winke, exclusively on Sportsman Channel. The show springs from the success Winke has had on his long-running website, MidwestWhitetail.Com -- where tens of thousands of hard-core deer hunters come each month to watch semi-live programming. Midwest Whitetail with Bill Winke airs Mondays at 7 am, Tuesdays at 5:30 pm and Wednesdays at 11:30 pm ET on Sportsman Channel.

On Midwest Whitetail, viewers can expect the episodes to be similar in nature to the many articles Winke has penned for hunting magazines. Each week, Winke will take one piece of the whitetail strategy puzzle and pick it apart using hunts and interviews to bring it to life. The goal is to entertain viewers with fast-paced hunting action while also providing education so they can replicate the success in their own fields.

"We are very excited to air Midwest Whitetail on Sportsman Channel," said Host and Producer Bill Winke. "This is obviously a niche show, but what a great niche to be in: big whitetails and lots of them. We just want to help every whitetail hunter to become more successful in the field this fall."

We welcome Bill and his hardcore followers to Sportsman Channel, the Official Network for Whitetail Hunters," said Gavin Harvey, CEO of Sportsman Channel. "Our viewers crave the insight and expertise presented in Midwest Whitetail with Bill Winke, and this addition underscores Sportsman's position as the authority on whitetail hunting."

The new season gets started with Bill showing viewers the "food strategy" -- find the bucks' food and you'll find the bucks. However, finding food can be challenging getting into the winter months, so Bill provides some tips on just how to find your source. The second episode opens with Winke demonstrating how patience during the "October Lull," as he describes it, can pay off in the end with the deer you want. The rest of the show season continues following Winke as he hunts through rut season and how to target a "walking buck" during rut. Additionally, Winke will demonstrate snort calls and other aggressive actions as the season comes to a very successful close.

About Bill Winke: Bill has been writing full-time for hunting magazines for 19 years. He specializes in articles about hunting strategy, primarily whitetail deer. Bill has hunted deer in 16 different states and three Canadian provinces. While hunting extensively in new settings each year, he has gained expertise in reading and interpreting topographical maps, aerial photos and deer sign. Bill has also played a leading role in the management of thousands of acres of land for improved deer hunting. These experiences have given Bill broad exposure to -- and great appreciation for -- the wonderful challenges that whitetails present.

Bill earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa in 1986 and now lives on a farm in southern Iowa with his wife Pam, their 12-year old daughter, Jordan, and their 10-year old son, Andrew.

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