Bone Collector and ScentLok Launch Showcase Footage

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

ScentLok® has launched sneak-preview footage from an upcoming Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector® television show depicting the unmatched power of it’s Carbon Alloy™ technology. The two-minute piece is hosted by Nick Mundt as he stalks within feet of a mature mule deer.

“You could say I was in his bedroom because I was standing at the end of his bed,” said Nick Mundt, co-host of the Bone Collector Television Show. “Even though my buddy Clayton Miller of Dakota Hunting Company has some great ground, we knew it was going to be tough to pull this stalk off. To get that close, everything had to be right from the weather conditions to my equipment. We were confident that we could get it done and the footage turned out to be some of the most impactful I’ve ever produced.”

ScentLokMundt shared a still photograph on social media in late September where many people questioned the authenticity of the photograph. The reaction created fervor among the fans and followers of the Bone Collector team. The Bone Collector team decided to release the footage not only to dispel any doubts, but also as a testament to the performance of ScentLok clothing.

“I can’t ever recall seeing such a high-quality illustration of the advantage that ScentLok technology gives hunters.” Nick Andrews, Vice President of Marketing for ScentLok says. “Yes, we hear a lot of stories from customers about deer poking their heads in ground blinds, having shots less than ten yards and even touching deer as they pass by. But having high-quality, indisputable video of a bedded, mature mule deer so close is purely amazing in my opinion.”

ScentLok was founded in 1992 by Greg Sesselmann and used activated carbon as its core technology for odor adsorption. Since that time, the ScentLok name has become synonymous with the highest quality hunting clothing in the world. ScentLok technologies have been challenged time and time again and proven not only in the labs of Rutgers University but by the millions of satisfied hunters in the field. Testing has proven that even the lightest garments have the ability to block up to 99.8% of tested odors and the capacity that is vastly superior to competitive products.

Nick Mundt arrowed this nice muley from only a few feet away.“It really speaks for itself,” Mundt added about the performance of his gear. “We spend countless hours in the field, but this is one of those times when you realize how well this gear works. I don’t think this would be possible without ScentLok and no doubt it has made me a believer in their systems. Like they’ve been saying, it’s proven and it’s deadly.”

On this hunt, Mundt used the BaseSlayers Attack ¼ Zip Shirt, Savanna Crosshair Pant, Savanna Lightweight Cap, Savanna Lightweight Multi-Paneled Neck Gaiter in Realtree® Max-1 XT. He accessorized with ScentLok Merino Hiking Socks, ScentLok Field Spray and ScentLok Field Wipes. He stores his gear primarily in the ScentLok Hard Tote.