Gotta Love It! Operation Doe-Nuts in Nebraska

LINCOLN, NE -- Hunters harvested 3,000 deer during the recent October Antlerless season, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

There were 7,230 October Antlerless permits sold, and 2,700 deer shot by those permit holders, for a hunter success rate of 37 percent. Another 300 deer were taken by Season Choice permit holders during the Oct. 2-11 October Antlerless season.

The October Antlerless season was created in 2009 to allow for the additional harvest of antlerless white-tailed deer in eastern Nebraska, where crop and property damage complaints were high. This year, the hunting area was expanded, and the season lengthened from three to 10 days.

The $11 resident October Antlerless permit gave hunters the opportunity to harvest two antlerless whitetails.