QDMA Cyber Deer Shot-Placement Program

BOGART, GA. -- The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recently purchased 1,000 copies of Cyber Deer, a shot-placement training program, to be used at their hunter education courses. Hunter education instructors throughout New York will be armed with the most advanced deer anatomy and shot placement tool available for their upcoming courses. Cyber Deer is a computer program produced by the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), in partnership with Bass Pro Shops, to train new and experienced hunters on organ and skeleton locations and proper shot angles for deer.

Using Cyber Deer, hunter education students can simulate both ground and treestand hunting scenarios by selecting multiple distances and heights from the deer, and select rifle or bow, as proper shot selection changes according to type of hunting equipment used. Students can also rotate the deer and receive instant feedback from the program on shot angles. Students can then "shoot" the deer and receive feedback on shot attempt and shot placement. A visible line representing the shot path stays on screen, and the instructor and students can rotate the deer, zoom in, and see the internal path through accurate diagrams of the skeleton and organs.

Cyber Deer will help new and experienced hunters make more knowledgeable and ethical shot placement decisions, and more knowledgeable hunters are better stewards of our natural resources and better ambassadors for hunting. "I applaud DEC for providing Cyber Deer to their hunter education instructors," said Kip Adams, northern director of education and outreach for the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA). "It is a phenomenal training tool, and I hope it will someday be used in every hunter education course in the country."

Cyber Deer retails for $14.95, and discounts are available to state and federal agencies and educational organizations.


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