Realtree/Athletix Ready To Wipe Out Bad Scent

SPARTANBURG, SC-- Athletix™ Products by Contec® has teamed up with Team Realtree® to produce scent control wipes for body and gear. These wipes come in four formulas - Earth, Cedar, Pine and Odor Control.

In order to maximize your chance for success and get as close to your target as possible, it is essential to control your scent.Team Realtree Hunting Wipes combine the effectiveness of odor neutralization and odor counteraction at the molecular level. The dual technologies polarize malodor molecules, and render the malodor signal as unrecognizable to the brain, while the second ingredient masks human scent. These technologies create optimum control of human odor, insuring the best possible chance for a successful hunt.

"We are pleased to offer innovative products in the hunting and camping markets utilizing Contec's 20 years of wipe and chemical experience combined with Team Realtree's market expertise," says Jack McBride, CEO of Contec, Inc., the parent company of Athletix Products. "It's exciting to offer hunters and campers a convenient and quality product they can feel confident using."

The wipes are soft, durable and come in a convenient dispensing canister that can easily fit in a hunting pack or vehicle. The long-lasting formula minimizes the need to re-apply. These wipes are currently available at Academy Sports and Outdoors. For more information, please go to