Video: Buck Snagged In Vollyball Net

SPRINGFIELD, OH -- We caught a dramatic rescue on camera Wednesday morning in Springfield and it is nothing like we have ever seen.


Police were called to a house on Home Rd. in Springfield after a family reported a deer tangled in their volleyball net.
Authorities said a little girl who lives in the house was walking out to the school bus when she noticed the young deer struggling in the backyard.

Her Grandmother told us that deer often visit their home to nibble at the apple trees, but this young buck apparently got tangled up in the volleyball net that stretches across the backyard.

The family called for backup after they said the game warden told them to shoot the deer, an option they did not want to exercise.

Workers from the Clark County Humane Society responded and were able to use a board to shorten the tangled net, gaining control of the deer and allowing them to cut the net off his short antlers.

After a few minutes, the deer stood up, shook it off and bounded away to freedom while everyone behind cheered for the successful rescue.

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