Whitetails Unlimited: Hunter and Landowner Relations Made Easy

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By: Realtree Staff

Whitetails Unlimited POLITE Program

Whitetails Unlimited (WU) has a long history of encouraging good relations between hunters and landowners, and WU's Project POLITE is a simple and effective method for hunters to build a positive relationship with landowners.

The concept is straightforward -- landowners are more likely to allow access to their land if they know who is hunting there, and are confident the hunters are responsible and ethical. WU provides a two-part, wallet-sized card that provides the landowner with complete contact information for those hunting on their land. A portion of the card is retained by the hunter which has the landowners' signature and date -- providing proof that the hunter has permission to hunt on that land.

The cards and Tyvek holder take up no more space in a wallet than a credit card, and are provided free of charge to hunters or landowners by WU.

"It's completely reasonable for landowners to be cautious about who is hunting on their land," said WU executive director Pete Gerl. "For a hunter to be willing to leave accurate contact information with a landowner is also completely reasonable, and this builds trust and confidence between the two parties. This also provides an opportunity for the hunter to gather contact information for the landowner, to send a thank-you note after the hunt, and arrange for future hunting access."

Note: Project POLITE cards can be obtained by calling WTU headquarters at 800-274-5471, and are free for personal use. You can learn more about the program here.

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