Tiffany Lakosky's 161-incher

Rack Report Details
Buck: 161 6/8-inch gross typical
Time of Year: Early October
Place: Lakosky farm in southeastern Iowa
Weapon: Mathews Passion bow

Tiffany Lakosky was hoping for a better start to her 2010/11 season than she’d experienced the previous season. Last year, she hunted 43 days in Iowa before killing her first buck of the year, and the thought of repeating that lull had her worried. Luckily, she didn’t have to fret for long.

After returning from a more than 30-day-long road trip filming episodes for The Crush with her husband and TV show co-host, Lee Lakosky, Tiffany took the first day back home off from hunting to watch her niece’s volleyball game. But by the next day, October 5, she was ready to hit the stand.

When she headed out to hunt that evening, Tiffany was actually going after a buck that she and Lee had nicknamed "Stickers." But, she wasn’t too optimistic about her success because the weather was warm and she assumed the deer movement would be minimal.

“I had found some of Stickers’ sheds and had encountered him in the past,” Tiffany says. “Stickers is a big, gnarly buck that’s been on our radar for some time, and I desperately wanted to tag him this season.”

So, she and her cameraman, Nate Delong, set up near some food plots with the hopes of getting a glance and perhaps even a shot at Stickers.

“We had an awesome setup,” she says. “Our stands were on the top of a ridge in the middle of several food plots. From our setup, we could see 300 to 400 yards either way. The way that the food plots were lined up, we knew the deer would move left to right or right to left, so there was a good chance that any deer that came out into the food plots would eventually work their way in front of us.”

After sitting in the stand for a little over an hour, Tiffany spotted some big bucks with a few does in one of the food plots. One of the bucks and some of the does began making their way toward the stand. As the big buck got closer, a small spike stepped out underneath Tiffany's stand. She worried that the spike would spook, causing the larger buck to run off, but it didn’t.

Twenty minutes after stepping into the green field, the buck had made its way to within 26 yards of Tiffany's stand. She drew her bow, aimed and released the arrow, making an excellent shot. In less than two hours on her first day of hunting in Iowa, Lakosky had tagged her first big Iowa buck of the season measuring 161 6/8 inches.

“That was one of the quickest hunts I’ve ever experienced,” she says. “I wish they could all be that easy.”

Lakosky took a picture of the 9-point buck with her phone and sent it to Lee to see if he recognized it. He didn’t at first.

“We didn’t think we had any pictures of him; then Lee realized he’d seen him once on a Cuddeback camera,” Lakosky says. “I’m just so glad that I’ve started off the season with a nice Iowa bruiser, and that I will not be repeating last year’s dry spell. Having a big buck down this early in the season definitely takes some of the pressure off.”