Rack Report: Monster Non-Typical One of Louisiana's Largest of All Time

Rack Report Details
Buck: 208-inch non-typical
Time of Year: December 2013
Place: Opelousas, LA
Weapon: Browning A-bolt .270

The first thing that catches your eye when you first see Alex LeBlanc’s giant buck from south central Louisiana is the webbed upright tines. Unfortunately, the Boone & Crockett scoring system doesn’t take into account the outrageous mass of the antler tines on this buck. If it did, the score would be a better indicator of the jaw-dropping looks of this true Louisiana giant, which will rank among the all-time largest in the state. 

LeBlanc was rewarded for heading out early in the hot weather on the afternoon of Dec. 20th, as he entered his box blind a few hours before dark. Because his brother and uncle would be coming out to hunt later, he chose the most distant stand. 

“It was 75 degrees and they thought I was crazy for going out early,” he said. “But I didn’t want them to have to walk past me when they came in, so I chose the farthest stand.” 

He chose the box tower out of the several stands on the property that they manage for quality deer because it offered a view to the left and the right for a long distance both ways. They had cut long shooting lanes through the area’s heavy cover. But the long sight distance wasn’t needed, as the buck stepped out in front of LeBlanc at only 50 yards. 

“I almost panicked when I first saw him step out,” he said. “I kept bumping my gun trying to get it out the window in a hurry. It all happened so fast. I saw him, got the gun up as fast as I could, and shot.”

The huge buck dropped down onto its chest at the shot, but quickly gathered itself and got across the opening into some tall grass. It was about 4:00 p.m., and LeBlanc’s uncle and brother had just arrived at their stands. His uncle heard the shot and called to ask what happened. The three of them gathered at LeBlanc’s stand and went to recover the buck together. They found plenty of sign and followed a good blood trail for only 50 yards before walking up on the giant. 

“I knew he was big, but it happened so fast I didn’t know just how big until we walked up to him,” LeBlanc said. “We were really freaking out. You have to see this deer in person to realize how big it is.” 

Lots of excitement ensued and it continued well into the evening and the next day as the buck caused quite a commotion in the community. 

Incredibly, no one in the area could relate having seen the deer before – no trail camera photos. The deer was a ghost until he walked in front of LeBlanc’s Browning that day. The deer is a testament to quality deer and habitat management on the property. 

A biologist scored the deer at 211 1/8 inches, but it was later scored by an official measurer at 208 even on Dec. 26. After the official 60-day drying period, the buck will officially become one of the largest ever shot in the state of Louisiana. The buck’s true size and incredible mass is not fully appreciated by the score. The amount of bone on this deer’s head is truly striking. But LeBlanc isn’t complaining. He couldn’t be happier with his buck of a lifetime. 

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