15-Yard Files: Bruiser Missouri Buck Tries to Jump the String


Have you ever wondered what you can do to prevent a buck from jumping the string? The answer is nothing; a whitetail's reflexes are simply faster than your arrow, regardless of what bow you're shooting.

But that doesn't mean you can't plan around it and make a good shot anyhow. On this episode of Realtree's 15-Yard Files, Cally Morris is filming his buddy Skip Bogdan during the late pre-rut in Northern Missouri. Bucks are on the move, and a light rattling sequence brings a heavy-horned 10-pointer into bow range. Trouble is, the buck is on high alert -- typical of a deer responding to the horns. At 35 yards, Skip draws his bow and takes the shot. The slow-motion footage reveals just how much the buck drops.

Does Skip kill the buck? You'll have to watch and see. And after that, check out the first three episodes of the 2014 season of the 15-Yard Files.

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