Buck Kills Rival in Fight, Bowhunter Kills Buck


Oklahoma's Chad Yousey, like many other hunters, would love to have his own hunting show on TV. With his knack for being in the right place at the right time, it might prove to be a good fit.

Yousey's girlfriend made his day when she got him a video camera as a Christmas gift in 2012. With archery season winding down, he decided to take his bow and new camera to the woods.

The January afternoon was cold and Yousey saw a few does before hearing a strange ruckus in the distance. The sounds appeared to be antlers clashing. With the rut seemingly over, Yousey was perplexed by the sounds of an intense battle. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he flipped on his video camera and began recording.

The sounds grew louder and soon two fighting bucks appeared in an open field 200 yards away. The bucks vigorously shook their locked antlers in a struggle to the death. Though both bucks had decent racks, the one with the larger headgear was the aggressor. The bucks fought for several minutes before the larger buck knocked its opponent to the ground and began to gore it repeatedly. The fallen buck appeared to be lifeless as its demoniac aggressor continued the frenzied goring. When the big buck raised its head, its antlers bore the crimson stain of the injured buck’s life source.

Like a gladiator gloating, the larger buck walked in circles around its helpless foe. Suddenly, the other deer - severely weakened from its injuries - came to life and tried to elude the big buck. Sadly, it didn’t get far before the brute knocked it to the ground, and resumed goring. The impaled buck fought for its life as the adrenalin-charged savage thrashed it madly.

“When the big buck got the other buck down for the final time, he continued to gore him,” Yousey said. “Every time the bigger buck would raise his head, his antlers would be a darker shade of red. Even when I thought the fallen buck was dead, the big buck still continued goring him for several minutes!”

Finally satisfied that the smaller buck was dead, the victor turned to walk across the field into the woods. With darkness minutes away, Yousey remembered he had his bow and grunted at the victorious buck. The buck continued walking towards the woods totally disinterested. Then the nervous hunter snort-wheezed and the buck stopped, turned, laid its ears back and charged towards Yousey’s location.

Unnerved by the event, Chad felt mighty small - shielded only by a fallen log. Slowly, he picked up his bow and shot the buck that was now 30 yards away. The arrow struck the buck slightly back, causing the adrenalin-charged whitetail to run a short distance before stopping and walking to some distant trees where he bedded down.

Still shaken, Yousey opted to back out and make the recovery the next day. After a sleepless night, Chad returned with his brother-in-law Tyler Nicholson to trail the deer. Yousey walked to the spot where the big buck bedded, but it was gone! Knowing that injured bucks usually go to water, the guys walked to a nearby creek and found the buck dead. The warrior buck is a battle-scarred 10-point that later taped 143 inches.

Yousey then walked to the spot where the smaller buck died, and coyotes had ravaged the carcass, rendering it to a skeleton with a head. The buck was a 2 1/2-year-old 8-pointer that measured 110 inches.

The video of Yousey’s buck fight is a sight to see. Though it was filmed 200 yards away, there is no doubt it depicts the life and death of a pair of whitetail bucks.

Interestingly enough, this was not Yousey's only crazy encounter with fighting bucks.  He also played part in another amazing video of battling bucks that had their antlers locked up from a fight and Realtree's own Stephanie Mallory featured the video in her popular RealBlog.

One of the bucks also died during that struggle and while friend Joey King handled the video camera, Yousey climbed on the back of the dead buck and freed the bigger buck’s antlers.

Amazingly, the exhausted buck stood a few feet away, while Chad recorded an interview. After the interview, Chad and King tried to walk up to the buck, and the bruiser lowered its head and charged, barely missing the pair.

**Editor's Note: See the full 15-minute version of this video here.