Midwest Whitetail: The Cardinal Rule of Deer Hunting

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Remaining undetected is the cardinal rule of deer hunting. So long as whitetails don't know they're being hunted, they carry on with their daily routines. Once you've alerted them to your presence, the gig is up, and patterns change. The walk in, the time in the treestand, and the walk out can all pressure deer. As a good hunter, your job is to limit that pressure.

In this episode of Midwest Whitetail, Bill Winke discusses this topic, covers how whitetails often detect human intrusion and how to mitigate this challenge.

Winke also provides an update on his poor man's food plot.

Hunt Tactic Used: This is all about entry and exit routes. Click here to learn more about what Winke discussed.

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