Monster Bucks 27: Kyle Barefield Self Films a Kansas Muzzleloader Hunt


The look of success. (Kyle Barefield photo)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Deer hunting

Produced By: Realtree Digital

Cast: Kyle Barefield

Released: August 6, 2019

Runtime: 3 minutes 26 seconds

Watch Here: Kyle Barefield Self Films a Kansas Muzzleloader Hunt

Kyle Barefield, co-host of Whitetail TV, is a bona fide big-buck killer. He knows his stuff.

In this episode of Monster Bucks, Barefield takes the smoke pole and tries his luck during the Kansas early muzzleloader season.

“We’re here in Kansas and it’s in the 90s,” Barefield said. “It’s hot. But this morning, we watched a good buck and he went and bedded up in some milo. He wasn’t a shooter, but he got our heart pumping. That was the first good buck I’ve seen all year.

“We’ve done everything right,” Barefield continued. We snuck in here. We’ve got the wind perfectly in our face. These bucks should be bedded down in this bottom. They’re in this canyon in some shade. And if we get lucky, they’ll get hungry right before dark and sneak up and down this edge to feed on the milo field we’re sitting in.”

And by the looks of things, Barefield's luck came through. Of which we'll take a little of any day.

Barefield didn't let this opportunity go to waste. (Kyle Barefield photo)

Monster Bucks 27 Vol. 2: From the wide-open plains of Montana to the crop fields of the Midwest to the hardwoods of the Southeast, you’ll experience incredible hunts from the top names in the hunting industry such as Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton and Tyler Jordan, just to name a few. Here are a handful of the hunts you’ll see:

  • Phillip Culpepper takes a brute of a whitetail in Iowa
  • Michael Waddell arrows a big Georgia buck on his own farm
  • Krysten McDaniel wraps a Kansas tag around a beast of a buck
  • David Blanton takes a 180-inch Monster Buck with his muzzleloader
  • 25 total hunts: 18 with bow, three rifle, three muzzleloader, one crossbow

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