Monster Bucks: Huge Illinois Buck Trails Doe Right to Phillip Vanderpool


This week on Monster Bucks, Phillip Vanderpool is hunting some prime Illinois real estate during the heat of the rut. That's a recipe for success.

Shortly into the sit, Vanderpool spots a big buck trailing a doe. And as luck would have it, the brute pushes its girlfriend straight to the base of his tree. 

Tactical Talk: Interestingly, the buck stopped right behind a trail camera and sniffed the ground. Odds are it detected ground scent left behind by whoever checked the camera last. The buck lifted its head, and bolted. Luckily, Vanderpool had drawn his bow and was able to thread his shot before the buck got away. The takeaway? Always draw your bow if a deer spooks — as it spooks. They'll generally stop a few yards out and give you one last shot opportunity as they look back to assess the situation.

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