Monster Bucks: Nate Hosie Rattles up a Bruiser


In this installment of Monster Bucks, Nate Hosie is in Iowa with the Whitetail Freaks team. It’s the rut, and deer are on their feet. Hosie blind calls and rattles, and a few seconds later, a big buck steps out. He waits for a shot opportunity, and lets his Mathews do the rest. 

“Thank you, Don and Kandi Kisky,” Hosie said. “That is a big, big 10-point. And he is smoked right there!”

Tactical Talk: Hosie pulled out the classic bag of tricks on this hunt. Calling can be effective in low-pressure hunting situations. He definitely made things happen when he grunted and rattled.

“We grunted this deer right to the tree,” Hosie said. “He came in downwind, tried to figure us out, but before he could figure out what was going on, that old [Mathews] No Cam was sitting on his lungs. I’m just at a loss for words.”

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