Monster Bucks: Randy Birdsong Arrows a Wide Texas Deer


In this week's episode of Monster Bucks, HeadHunters TV’s Randy Birdsong climbs a tree in Texas. A classic Lone Star buck with a wide spread steps out right under the stand, and you can hear Birdsong's heartrate increase as the scene materializes. He waits for the right moment, draws his bow and launches the arrow.

“I hit him a little far back, but he was quartering hard away from me,” Birdsong said. “Should be good. That’s a big old Texas buck. That sucker had me wrapped up. He came right up underneath the tree.”

Tactical Talk: Waiting for the right shot opportunity is key. Quartering-away shots are ethical. But when they’re quartering away hard like this deer, aim a little farther back than you would with a perfectly broadside opportunity to make that double-lung shot. Aim too far forward and you'll miss the vitals. Birdsong said this deer didn't make it far at all after the shot.

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