Realtree 365: The Final Hunts From November


It’s the late season now. Attention is turning to food sources and unpressured pockets of bedding cover. But November was full of highlights. Here are the final hunts from the most magical month of the year.

Midwest Whitetail on Realtree 365

Midwest Whitetail: The Rut’s Final Days

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Deer hunting

Produced By: 41 North

Cast: Bill Winke, Jared Mills, Mike Reed, Owen Reigler, Josh Sparks, Drake Lamb, etc.

Released: December 2, 2019

Runtime: 22 minutes, 30 seconds

Watch Here: The Rut’s Final Days

We first join Bill Winke who takes advantage of the rut's final days by hunting over his best food source. Then, Owen Reigler shows us another way to have success this time of year by rattling in a mature buck he's previously encountered this season. Following this success, Reigler experiences a different kind of adventure when he spots two locked-up bucks. Finally, we get updates from the rest of the team as they wrap up their 2019 rut hunts.

Realtree Hunt United on Realtree 365

Realtree Hunt United: Rattling in Rutting Bucks in Texas

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Deer hunting

Produced By: Realtree Digital

Cast: Slade Priest, Ryan Wascom

Released: December 4, 2019

Runtime: 14 minutes, 56 seconds

Watch Here: Rattling in Rutting Bucks in Texas

The Texas rut is in full swing. Slade Priest and Ryan Wascom hunt with Realtree land pro Kim Hill in Gatesville, Texas. Watch as Priest rattles in a buck for Ryan. Another shooter comes in following a hot doe.

Whitetail TV on Realtree 365

Whitetail TV: Bowhunting for an Illinois Giant

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Deer hunting

Produced By: Realtree Digital

Cast: Tyler Jordan, Bart Goins, Blair Goins, Doug Hampton

Released: December 4, 2019

Runtime: 18 minutes, 52 seconds

Watch Here: Bowhunting for an Illinois Giant

Blair Goins catches up with a giant buck in Illinois with his bow. Then, Roger Culpepper hunts Realtree Farms with a muzzleloader. The action is hot and the hunting is good.

Pay Dirt on Realtree 365

Pay Dirt: Cutting Your Pine Forest

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Deer hunting

Produced By: Realtree Digital

Cast: Roger Culpepper, David Blanton

Released: December 4, 2019

Runtime: 8 minutes, 57 seconds

Watch Here: Cutting Your Pine Forest

We join Realtree’s Roger Culpepper as he dives into the process of managing different age classes of pine stands. It’s no easy task. But it’s a worthwhile endeavor when keeping your property in top shape is the goal.

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