Whitetail TV: Season Prep, Friendly Banter and Albino Deer


Watch the 2019 season of Whitetail TV on Realtree 365. (Realtree photo)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Deer hunting

Produced By: Realtree Digital

Cast: Tyler Jordan, Roger Culpepper, Phillip Culpepper, Bart Goins, Blair Goins, Joe Schults and Doug Hampton

Released: September 4, 2019

Runtime: 12 minutes 50 seconds

Watch Here: Season Prep, Friendly Banter, and Albino Deer

Whitetail TV is a true-to-life, real-time whitetail hunting show with daily and weekly episode updates from around the country. Follow along and live the chase with our ground-breaking, semi-live format. We’ll bring you all the excitement, content, updates, highs and lows that everyone experiences on a daily basis.

On Whitetail TV, you can expect to see Tyler Jordan, Roger Culpepper, Phillip Culpepper, Bart Goins, Blair Goins, Joe Schults, Doug Hampton and more. And right now, they’re all preparing for the 2019 season.

Joe Schults gives a Pine tree branch a good death ... all in the name of quality shooting lanes. (Realtree photo)

This week, Goins, Goins, Schults and Hampton are in the Volunteer State.

“We don’t care to do the hard work, man,” Schults said. “We help each other out. That’s what a team is supposed to do. We’re going to get it started and let Bart take all the glory when he kills here during the August hunt down here in Tennessee.”

Roger Culpepper goes over the Realtree Farms hit list. (Realtree photo)

Then, Roger Culpepper updates us what’s happening on Realtree Farms.

“We’re getting everything ready here at the farm,” Culpepper said. “And you get to reflecting back and thinking about all the years I hunted with Tyler. I started with him back when Bill was traveling a lot and on the road hunting. I’d actually drive down and pick Tyler up from the time he was 12 years old and we’d head up here to the woods.”

Tyler sees an unexpected sight on his Kentucky scouting mission. (Realtree photo)

Lastly, Tyler Jordan himself is in Kentucky scouting and prepping a new piece of ground. It’s his first time on the property. But he welcomes the challenge.

“We’re going to see if we can see any deer tonight,” Jordan said. “Maybe we’ll get a little footage and snap some pictures. But most importantly, we’ll be getting familiar with the land. This piece is completely new to us. And this bean field is one of the biggest bean fields I’ve ever seen in the Southeast. This is crazy.”

Watch the episode to see what Tyler glasses up right at dark. You won’t believe what it is.

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