Realtree welcomes avid public land waterfowl hunters Dennis Loosier and Billy Campbell to the its pro staff team.

Loosier and Campbell represent the hard-working, public duck hunting population and have grown their social media accounts organically through content showcasing their adventures. Likeminded sportsmen and women can follow their adventures through Loosier’s Instagram account (@dr_duck) and Campbell’s account (@thefowlhunter).

“We were incredibly excited to hear from the Realtree team about the opportunity to work with them,” Campbell said. “Realtree was the first camo we ever wore, and the brand we grew up with. To be able return home, be a part of the Realtree team and contribute to the continued innovation of their brand in the waterfowl industry is a dream come true for us. We couldn’t be more thankful and excited to be part of the Realtree family.”

Without abundant access to private property, Loosier and Campbell spent the majority of their early hunting years learning the ins and outs of Texas’ great public-hunting opportunities, experiencing success through increased scouting and studying migratory birds. Currently the two travel a multi-state area attempting to find success with what is now a large, hungry public hunting population.

Loosier and Campbell understand the value of the outdoors and are thankful for the experiences and relationships built through the great sport of bird hunting.

Email:  [email protected]

Email:  [email protected]