Realtree’s 2008-2009 Forecast

Realtree Pro staffers, camera crew and friends know how to hammer huge bucks. Their hunting knowledge and abilities are unquestionable and they are admired by many for their successes afield. Yes, they may have the “skills to pay the bills,” but when it comes to downing monster bucks and other...

MW8: Herd Reduction & TrailCam Bucks

Episode 8 of Midwest Whitetail

Value of shooting does

Why you should shoot does

How to take care of your trophy in the field

How to take care of your trophy in the field

Best days for big bucks?

Learn the best days to be in the stand to hunt big bucks

An Unusual Opening Day

Outdoorsmen may claim that they don’t consider the harvest of an opening-day trophy as an indication of how the season will unfold. After 23 years of opening-day hunts, I say “Who are they kidding?” On this weekend, every sportsman becomes superstitious. They try to hide it to the best of...

MW7: Youth Will Be Served

Episode 7 of Midwest Whitetail

Get Ready for Roosevelt’s

I was stuck—again. My legs were hopelessly tangled in blackberry brambles, the thorns tearing at my legs like a dog on a T-bone steak. The biggest dang ferns I’d ever seen in my life were blocking my vision. My bow was held at arms length above my head and no...

MW6: Opening Day

Episode 6 of Midwest Whitetail

Pizzo shoots giant bear

Pizzo shoots a giant bear in Canada

Monster Iowa giant goes down

Monster Iowa buck taken with a bow

MW5: The Final Countdown

Episode 5 of Midwest Whitetail