Bill and Michael share tips on stand placement

Stand placement is key for success, but it may not be as hard as you think. See what Bill and Michael have to say.

Special Elk Hunt of a Lifetime

Recently, I had the privilege of going on a bull elk hunt in Wyoming courtesy of Hunt of a Lifetime, an organization that grants hunting and fishing wishes to children with life-threatening injuries or diseases. I thought you all might enjoy getting in on the action with me, so here...

Chuck Adams shares tips on grunting in whitetails

Chuck Adams explains how to grunt in whitetails after you've rattled them in.

Chuck Adams on rangefinders

Thinking about buying a rangefinder? See what Chuck has to say on them.

David Blanton talks ground blinds

David Blanton shares his tips on how to get the most out of a ground blind.

Tips for choosing an outfitter

David Blanton share his tips on choosing an outfitter.

David Blanton talks bows and angles

Learn the perfect shot to take with your bow while he's quartering away.

Lynch Major hunts turkeys with David Blanton

Turkey novice Lynch Major takes home a longbeard while hunting with David Blanton

Blanton bags a longbeard on the last day

After a rough season in Geogia, David makes the last day count.

Tate and Kyle Hicks get gobbler crazy in Texas

John Tate and Kyle Hicks do a little swapping to bag some Rios in Texas. This is a must see

Tyler Jordan learns how missing feels

There's a bad feeling that comes with missing, and Tyler learns just how that feels while turkey hunting with his father

Rough Cut at the Diamond

By David Blanton as told to Stephanie Mallory Hunters: David Blanton and cameraman John Tate Location: Diamond Springs Ranch Dates: November 2006 Each year, I make a trip to Kansas to hunt with Bob and Audrey Boos at Diamond Springs Outfitters. I love to hunt there because the Boos treat...