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7 Mistakes Coyote Hunters Make

As simple as the fundamentals of coyote hunting are, someone is out there, virtually every day, making mistakes through inattention to detail or, in some cases, by overthinking what should be a fairly simple, and fun, process. And that bothers Realtree pro staffer Byron South, who has been hunting predators...

Public Land Grouse Hunt

Think great upland hunting on public land is a thing of the past? The images from this Montana hunt for sharp-tails may convince you otherwise.

How to Deer Hunt in September

September marks the beginning of a new deer season. It's the month where some hunters begin pursuing whitetails, and others eagerly wait for October to bring their own personal openings day. But for those who hunt in states with September openers, we've got the information you need September 1-9 The...

Urban Deer Hunting: Big Bucks in the Burbs

Big bucks are where you find them. And today’s savvy whitetail hunter knows that some of the biggest bucks are often shot in town; literally within city limits. Interestingly, some cities seem especially prone to producing massive antlers. Oklahoma County, the most populous county in Oklahoma and the heart of...

How to Shoot a Bow from a Treestand

A large portion of bowhunters choose to climb into a treestand when hunting whitetails to help them avoid detection. Hunting from an elevated position can be extremely effective for getting into bow range of deer; but shooting a bow from a stand requires the correct technique to seal the deal...

Urban Hunting: Backyard Booners

Honey, that big non-typical is eating my flower bed and frightening the children again! What do you think he’ll score? All jokes aside, big game animals are adapting and moving into urban areas. Some places, it's legal to bowhunt them within city limits. Do you take advantage of urban bowhunting?

How to Shoot a Bow from a Ground Blind

Certain situations, weather conditions and terrain types can make using a ground blind the obvious choice for a hunt. Bowhunting from a ground blind can be extremely enjoyable and effective, too, but it also means adapting to the confined space that comes with it. The following tips will help you...

Name That Realtree Pro Staffer: A Kid's First Deer

Can you guess who this Realtree pro staffer is before time runs out? Submit your answer in the comments below. Are you a deer hunter thirsty for knowledge? Check out our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on deer hunting . Follow us on Facebook .

4 Tips for Youth Bowhunters

Getting a young person involved in archery and bowhunting can be highly rewarding. Passing on our knowledge and passion as bowhunters to future generations is what keeps the sport alive. Many who have experienced it will tell you that helping a young hunter harvest his or her first animal with...

6 Duck Hunting Excuses (and How to Not Use Them This Season)

Every outdoorsman falls into the trap of using excuses to explain subpar days afield. Waterfowl hunters are no different. A psychologist might classify this behavior as a defense mechanism; our way of rationalizing a poor performance. Sometimes, those excuses are legitimate, as many factors can make waterfowling difficult or even...

Deer Hunting: Hunt This Type of Deer to Kill More Mature Bucks

Throughout the years, I've found that one type of early season deer is more susceptible to hunters than any other. Check out the video above to see what that mature buck behavior and personality is. Don't Miss: 5 Mature Buck Personalities We Hate Are you a deer hunter thirsty for...

Deer Shot Placement: How to Know Where Your Arrow Hit

There are two things you need to know the moment you arrow a deer. First, you need to know where you hit the deer. Secondly, you need to know where the deer ran. Here's how to make sure you ace the latter. Don't Miss: You Shot a Deer. Here's How...