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7 Steps To Jump-Shooting Waterfowl

Those hardcore Gen-X call masters hidden in well-constructed blinds have plenty on this waterfowler. Me, I get down and dirty. I walk some of my quackers and honkers up, taking them on the flush. Yep, I slither like a snake to put the wingshooting hurt on those loafing greenheads. Sure,...

Travel Like You’re Dying To Turkey Hunt

We’re celebrating 30 years of Realtree turkey hunting this season (1986-2016). This feature article first appeared back in 2001 as “The Traveling Turkey Hunter,” a chapter in the Team Realtree Turkey Hunting Fieldbook . Written by the late Aaron Pass, and as the title suggests, it contains fundamental tactics to...

Float Hunting For River Ducks

Float hunting for river ducks is quite the experience. It takes time to master. But once you do, it opens a whole new world of waterfowling.

Hardcore Preseason Planning For Your Spring Turkey Hunts

You won't find the word procrastinate in the hardcore turkey hunter's vocabulary. Begin your preseason planning now. LAND HABITAT CHANGES Ownership and land development can change everything these days. It’s crucial to check out longtime public lands to see if private development has affected the way you can hunt it...

New Sights, Rests And On-Bow Accessories For 2016

Bowhunters love their bows. Their second love is the gear we attach to it. There was plenty of love to go around at the 2016 ATA show with sights, rests and stabilizers wrapped in Realtree camo leading the way.

New Hunting Clothes And Boots From The 2016 ATA Show

Success is hard to come by without quality clothing and footwear. The Realtree staff was at the 2016 ATA Show all week, and they found some pretty cool representatives for both categories. And each were topped off with the latest Realtree patterns . Check out this lineup of camo-covered products.

New Treestands And Accessories For 2016

Bowhunters look at life a bit differently. Usually from about 20 feet up. Treestands are a bowhunting necessity for many, and there were plenty to choose from at the 2016 ATA Show . Here are a few of the best.

New Bows From The 2016 ATA Show

The bows just keep getting better. Hard to believe. Yet true. The 2016 ATA show featured plenty of new bows, and many of those were clad in Realtree. Here's some of the highlights.

New Crossbows And Accessories From The 2016 ATA Show

Crossbows are the new buzz in archery, and several new crossbows and crossbow accessories were on display at the ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Brand new technologies. Innovative designs. Affordable pricing. You’ll find all of that in this lineup. Check out these new crossbows for 2016.

Top New Broadheads And Arrows

The ATA show is all about hot new archery products, and the offerings in this year's broadhead and arrow catergories don't disappoint. The product designers never cease to amaze with new innovations, designs, and technologies that shine on the trade show floor and perform in the field. Check out the...

10 Tactics For Hunting Pressured Ducks

We caught up with two big-time duck hunters to get their thoughts on a range of duck-fooling challenges . You might be surprised at what they had to say. 1. TEST THE BLIND Ever hear of matching the hatch in fly-fishing? It’s the same deal in blind building—sort of: “It’s...

How to Take Great iPhone Field Photos

Shooting photos with an iPhone—or any cellphone—is not much different than shooting with a full-fledged camera. All the same rules of good composition, lighting, and perspective apply. The true beauty of shooting with your cell phone is its ubiquity. Most people don’t leave the house without it. It’s always there,...