Realtree Fishing’s Drew Gregory on His Latest Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Win


The River Bassin’ Guy has just solidified his reputation as one of the top kayak bass fishermen in the nation

Realtree Fishing pro staffer Drew Gregory shows off a fat Lake Dardanelle bass, caught from his kayak.

Realtree Fishing pro staffer Drew Gregory knows how to catch big bass, and he has the tournament wins and sponsorships to prove it. But you won’t find Gregory racing down the lake in a shiny new bass boat on tournament day. Instead, Gregory prefers to seek out his limit in small feeder creeks and rivers most easily accessed in his lightweight Crescent kayak.

Known to many as the River Bassin’ Guy, Gregory has just solidified his reputation as one of the top kayak bass fishermen in the nation with his recent win at the Hobie Bass Open Series (B.O.S.) on Arkansas’ Lake Dardanelle and his ninth-place finish on the biggest stage of kayak fishing — the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) National Championship on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville.

Gregory credits his success to years of experience and a deep passion for fishing secluded waters. His father started taking him wade fishing in creeks and rivers from the moment he began walking, which led to his love for finding bass in wild, unexplored places. He soon realized that a kayak is the best tool to reach unpressured fish and has spent the past 15 years kayak fishing, setting trends and helping develop new products for the industry. He currently hosts Hooked on Wild Waters and has been recently named Crescent Kayak’s director of specialized fishing. It’s no surprise that today Gregory is known as a pioneer of the modern-day kayak fishing scene.

Gregory has recently turned his attention to the major kayak fishing tournament trails and has quickly become known for his consistent top finishes. He currently boasts the highest average finish (eighth place) of anyone in the KBF National Championship, including four top 10 finishes in a row. 

He credits his latest B.O.S. win to settling on a plan and sticking to it.

“I had located one small creek that I knew had a good number of fish,” Gregory said. “My strategy was to fish from the bridge upstream until I caught my five-fish limit, which I did using a Z-Man ChatterBait and a Whopper Plopper. Each afternoon, I moved to a different creek, where I knew there weren’t as many fish, but what was there was either really big or really small.”

Gregory said he hoped to catch two big ones at the second location to knock off two smaller ones he caught at the first location, which is exactly what he did on the first day with an 18 1/4-inch fish and a 21-inch fish.

On the second day, after getting his limit at the first location, the second location provided him with an 18 3/4-inch fish and a 20 1/2-inch fish — two kickers that anchored his five-fish stringer.

“At the end of the tournament, I was tied with another angler,” Gregory said. “The tiebreaker was determined by who had the biggest fish of the tournament, which was my 21-inch bass that I caught at that second location on the first day of the tournament.”

Gregory said he’s learned over the years which creeks and rivers to fish, when to fish them, and why. He also understands when it’s time to leave a specific creek or river, even if he’s catching fish.

“Many anglers would have stayed on that first creek because they were catching fish there, but I knew that although the creek had a lot of fish, it didn’t have the large fish I needed to cinch the win. When I pre-fished that second creek before the tournament, I only caught one big fish in it, which told me all I needed to know. If that creek held one big fish, I knew it’d hold others.”

Although he enjoys fishing tournaments, Gregory said he most enjoys sharing his kayak bass fishing experiences and insights with others.

“My ultimate goal is to share with people how much fun and joy they can get out of fishing in wild places,” he said. “You see things on these creeks and rivers that you just don’t see when fishing big, busy lakes. During my last tournament I saw bald eagles, otters, deer, and more. Getting out there and seeing God’s beautiful creation can really change your life.”

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