Marsh Madness 2018: Louisiana Redfish and Realtree Fishing

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1 | Marsh Madness

Marsh Madness brings outdoor communicators and industry manufacturers together in the small fishing village of Venice, Louisiana, to network. But the real focus is the fantastic redfishing found in the waters surrounding the mouth of the Mississippi River. Most were released to fight another day.

(© Andy Crawford photo)

2 | Testing Baits

Redfish are suckers for market shrimp, but when the tide is moving, baits like Z-Man Chatterbaits attract hungry reds. Anglers test out the latest lures on the market against redfish, which will simply wreck all but the sturdiest baits.

(© Andy Crawford photo)

3 | Bronze Reds

This year the quality of the fishing was in doubt because the Mississippi River was high and muddy. But anglers moved north of the mouth of Old Man River to find clean water that yielded beautiful, bronze reds.

(© Andy Crawford photo)

4 | Spotted Tail

It’s amazing how a spotted tail can cause even veteran members of the outdoor industry to get out early and stay out late in hopes of battling hard-fighting redfish.

(© Andy Crawford photo)



5 | Sunrise

Sunrise in the Louisiana marsh is stunning. Many of the anglers made sure they were on the water to greet the rising sun.

(© Andy Crawford photo)


6 | Hookups

Hookups with hard-fighting redfish inevitably resulted in big grins.

(© Andy Crawford photo)



7 | Tenacity

Redfish are known for their tenacity. They hit baits hard, and they fight all the way to the boat.

(© Andy Crawford photo)


8 | Brilliant Colors

Redfish, which turn brilliant colors when the water is clear, prowl the edges of the marsh as the tide pulls out.

(© Andy Crawford photo)



9 | Marsh Man

Local YouTube celebrity Todd “Marsh Man” Masson couldn’t help but show his appreciation for this redfish’s willingness to play on the last day of the 2018 version of Marsh Madness.

(© Andy Crawford photo)


10 | Catch-and-Release

While some fish were definitely kept during the event, most were released to fight another day.

(© Andy Crawford photo)

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