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1 | Realtree Hook/Antler Logo

Designed to complement the Realtree Fishing brand and the iconic hook/antler logo that is already taking the market by storm, the new Realtree Fishing pattern was developed using Bill Jordan's innovative method for blending background layers to give depth and texture to all Realtree patterns.

(© Realtree-Andrew Murray Photo)

2 | Realtree Fishing Pattern

The Realtree Fishing pattern includes subtle Realtree branch and brush pile elements that interestingly mimic the bottom returns of today's depth-finder technology, separating this unique pattern from the thousands of digital patterns on the market.

(© Realtree-Bill Konway Photo)

3 | Stalking Fish

It's summer and hunting season is a month or two away.

Slip into your favorite fishing spot.

Wade wet. Cast. Cast again, and with any luck, hook up.

What's not to like?

(© Realtree-Bill Konway Photo)

4 | Family and the Outdoors

"Fishing has been a huge part of my outdoor life," said Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan. "My father and family were in the boat business, I fished tournaments for years, and today I spend as much time as I can fishing with my children. It was just natural to extend the Realtree brand into the fishing market. So many hunters are just like me and my family and our Realtree employees. We enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. I wanted to create a camouflage pattern that connected outdoors people to the great sport of fishing, and by all indications we succeeded with the Realtree Fishing pattern."

(© Realtree-Andrew Murray Photo)


5 | Hunting, Fishing

Many of Realtree's more than 2,000 licensing and retail partners manufacture or market primarily to the 38,000,000 freshwater and 12,000,000 saltwater anglers in the United States. Even though Realtree's early success was rooted in the hunting industry, the company's influence now reaches into virtually every corner of the sporting world. So, it only makes sense for Realtree to offer a pattern for fishermen, since research shows that anglers also hunt.

(© Realtree-Bill Konway Photo)

6 | Options

Licensees are able to offer consumers an infinite array of color and texture options thanks to Realtree's unique design technology that includes subtle pattern elements, abstracts and light arrays, once again giving this pattern the depth and 3D feel that Realtree patterns are known for.

(© Realtree-Andrew Murray Photo)

7 | Saltwater, Freshwater

"As a leader and innovator, Realtree Founder and CEO Bill Jordan is bringing Realtree's unique design technology and marketing expertise to the fishing market where vibrant, bright colors are popular with anglers," Mike Swain, Realtree account manager and avid bass angler, said. "This pattern should resonate with hardcore bass and saltwater anglers, as well as fishermen who love the sport and want to reflect that passion everyday, whether on the water or off. Look for the Realtree Fishing pattern from our great licensees online at the Realtree Store and soon at retailers everywhere."

(© Realtree-Andrew Murray Photo)

8 | More to Come

The fourth largest collegiate apparel company, Colosseum, will announce products at the 2017 ICAST show and will then launch a full collection of products in both the Realtree Fishing Brand and the Realtree Fishing pattern for its spring 2018 line.

(© Realtree-Andrew Murray Photo)

9 | Fishing Gear and . . .

G2 Gemini Jerseys, the country's largest fishing jersey manufacturer, will offer Realtree Fishing pattern and Realtree Fishing brand jerseys online at the Realtree Store just prior to ICAST, and will showcase items at the show as well.

Pelican, an innovator in hard storage manufacturing, will also showcase Realtree fishing pattern products, such as coolers and tumblers, at the ICAST show as it gears up for an upcoming consumer launch. 

Apparel items such as jerseys, fishing polos, vented fishing shirts, sun-shielding neck and face gaiters, hats, raingear and more will be for sale online and at key retailers over the next several months. 

Also, look for soft-sided tackle boxes in the Realtree Fishing pattern at fishing tackle retailers across the country.

(© Realtree-Andrew Murray Photo)


10 | What's for Dinner?

Catch-and-release? Keep a few for a meal? It's all good.

This mahi-mahi will taste great on the dinner table.

(© Realtree-Bill Konway Photo)

11 | Visit Realtree Fishing

For more information on the Realtree Fishing lifestyle brand, visit Realtree Fishing.

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(© Realtree-Bill Konway Photo)

12 | Realtree Fishing on Facebook

And check out Realtree Fishing on Facebook.

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