Realtree Launches New Fishing Lifestyle Brand

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

While the early success of Realtree was rooted in the hunting industry, three decades later the company's influence now reaches into virtually every corner of the sporting world. It is the preferred brand of sportsmen, sportswomen and every person who loves the outdoor lifestyle.

It just makes sense then that anglers would have an affinity for the lifestyle represented by America's No. 1 camo pattern. Already, dozens of Realtree's more than 2,000 licensing and retail partners manufacture or market primarily to outdoor enthusiasts who rank fishing at or near the top of their preferred sporting ventures.

Having built this fantastic brand recognition that crosses so many active lifestyles, it's time to make it official: Introducing the newest brand in the Realtree family: REALTREE FISHING!

"It's not a stretch to understand that the same sportsmen and women who trade their bows and guns for fishing rods during the summer months are drawn to the Realtree brand," said Brad Schorr, SVP, Licensing & Retail of Realtree. "But Realtree Fishing gives them an additional connection to the iconic brand they know and respect."

A number of Realtree licensing partners are already marketing to customers who enjoy the angling lifestyle, and they are well-positioned to capitalize on the new Realtree Fishing logo and patterns.

These licensees include: 

  • Old Dominion
  •  Colosseum 
  • Grey Matter Concepts
  • Fencepost Productions
  • Intradeco
  • Greensource
  • Leg Apparel
  •  Aimee Lynn 
  • Captivating Headwear
  • Outdoor Cap Company
  • KJ Sportswear
  • Pivotal Partners
  • Otter Box /Lifeproof
  • A&H Swimwear
  • SPG
  • Folsom of Florida
  • Birch Island
  • SEI

Marketing efforts behind the Realtree Fishing logo are ramping up to impact the marketplace in a big way next year, turning heads on clothing, swimwear, and fishing products and accessories. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce new product lines or expand new ones with a marketing slant that captures the attention of year-round sportsmen and women.

To get in on this exciting, groundbreaking brand, contact your Realtree Licensing account representative today or submit your request here: