Food Plots and Land Management Articles


Facts about Food Plots You Should Know

Nutrition is important all year for whitetails as they experience two stress periods annually. Winter stress is obvious during periods of snow and cold when little food is available, but deer also experience stress during summer as they require vast amounts of nutrition for body maintenance and growth, antler growth...

How to Plant Clover Plots

Grasses and clovers are good plants to use in your wildlife openings and are especially important to wild turkeys. They offer excellent foraging and brood habitat for adult wild turkeys and turkey poults. These plants produce a large amount of seeds, which benefit mature birds, and attract hordes of insects,...

Realtree is New Holland Smart

Ever wonder what it takes to keep Realtree Farms up and running? Well, here's a look at some of the key tools. Realtree's Bill Jordan was featured in New Holland's Smart campaign and provides a glimpse into the work that takes place at Realtree Farms.

Are You Wasting Money on Food Plots?

It's happening right now. Money is being wasted. Time is being squandered. And it's all on account of food plots. Yes, that's right. You are wasting your time and your money with food plots. I said it. I stand by it. The gauntlet has been dropped. There must come a...

Make a Food Plot Without a Tractor

I'm a different sort of food plotter. I don't own any land. In fact, about 50 percent of my hunting each year will be done on public land. I don't own any heavy equipment. Aside from an ATV, all of my food plot "implements" can fit in a backpack. I'll...

A Look at New Holland Tractors

To create good food plots, you need good equipment. Here’s a look at a few tractors from New Holland, the official tractor of Team Realtree