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6 Food Plots on a Budget

Food plots serve as a big part of what I do each season. They can be used to feed deer. They can be used to kill deer . It all depends on location, orientation and design. But one thing remains constant regardless of the purpose of the plot : You...

How to Manage Family Farms for Deer Hunting

Work the ground. Fix the tractor. Work some more. Plant the seed. Pray for rain. Hang the stands. Take the shot. Fill the freezer — it’s the story of managing family farms for whitetails.

The 10 Commandments of Food Plots

I don’t always plant food plots. But when I do, I plant food plots that don’t draw deer. Maybe that's not entirely true. Numerous deer have died at the hands of my food plot handiwork. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the first five food plots I planted...

10 Trees That Will Hold Deer on Your Hunting Property

Mention planting for deer, and most hunters automatically assume you are talking about food plots. While there is no doubt that a nice food plot will attract and hold deer in an area, planting trees and shrubs can also be an excellent way to improve the hunting on your property...

Good Food Sources for Deer on Pine Plantations

Food is king in the world of deer hunting . And good habitat is a must. Healthy deer populations rely on it. Follow the words and advice listed here to increase the deer density where you hunt, or to maintain an already well-balanced herd.

How to Plant a Micro Kill Plot for Deer

Deer are intelligent. But not in the way we often think they are. They aren’t cognitively able to reason through something. They don’t see a broadhead or arrow lying on the ground and think, “Oh, a hunter’s been here.” Instead, they’re purely reactive flight animals. They see, hear or smell...

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How to Plant a Food Plot

I’m a deer hunter . Deer hunting is my greatest priority behind God, family, and friends. And it’s because of that undeniable truth that I plant food plots. I want to do everything in my power to help the whitetails I hunt. And I want to do everything I can...

10 Food Plot Seed Options for 2017

I haven’t always planted food plots. I hunted whitetails for about 15 years before I ever planted the first food plot. Did I kill deer back then without them? Sure I did. But am I willing to sacrifice the power of food plots now that I’ve experienced their value? Not...

7 Preparations for Food Plot Planting Season

Food plots are a big part of quality deer management . It’s also a big part of land management . And if you plan to plant food plots this year, there are several things you need to be doing to prepare for planting season. Here are seven of them. Bonus...

Photo Gallery: How Maple Syrup is Made

Preparation for sugaring season begins in the fall, making sure there is plenty of wood stacked and seasoned near the evaporating area, marking trees, and getting storage containers in place. Sap begins to flow in late March here in Michigan, when daytime temperatures are above freezing, and nighttime temperatures are...