5 Reasons Wildlife Benefits from Timber Harvests


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It Provides More Food for Whitetails

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1 | It Provides More Food for Whitetails

How detrimental are logging operations to deer? They will change patterns temporarily, but you might be surprised to find out that many deer will immediately move into an active logging operation at the end of each day taking advantage of tree-top browse, and even exposed mineral soil.

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Turkeys Find Food Sources as Well

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2 | Turkeys Find Food Sources as Well

Turkeys are drawn to recent cuts and young forests as well. High stem density provides escape cover and the newly developing shrub layer will be loaded with soft mast including dogwood and blackberry. These shrubs and other forbs growing along the edges are attractive to insects that turkey broods depend on during the first few months of their life cycle.

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Ruffed Grouse Thrive in It

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3 | Ruffed Grouse Thrive in It

If there is one game bird that benefits from creating young forests, it is the ruffed grouse. The range of this northern bird does extend from Canada southward to eastern Tennessee and western South Carolina. Its year-round habitat and breeding season needs are totally dependent on small clear-cuts which develop into thickets with high stem density.

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It Can Increase Oak Production

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4 | It Can Increase Oak Production

Proper management can potentially increase oak production which increases winter carrying capacity for deer; plus, a scattering of patch cuts allow deer more escape cover.

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It Allows Oak Seedlings to Grow

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5 | It Allows Oak Seedlings to Grow

Because oak seedlings are extremely intolerant of shade, the least amount of overhead cover can eventually shade out young oaks. In some cases, it’s better to set up patch cuts large enough to allow sufficient light for oak seedling growth.

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Just purchased a new hunting property through Realtree United Country? Trying to help someone else make big decisions on their hunting land? Selective timber harvest is a very important part of the habitat management puzzle. Here are reasons wildlife benefits from timber harvests.