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1 | All-Purpose

Contents: Cereal rye, clover, oats, trophy rape, wheat

Plants: ½ acre (50 pounds)

Planting Time: Late summer to early fall

MSRP: $57.00 (50 pounds)

The All-Purpose blend is the premiere food plot go-to. This blend works well in most southeastern, northeastern and midwestern states. It requires little maintenance, other than the clover.

Clover provides the summer and early season attraction you want. Then the oats, rape, rye and wheat help provide the cool-season food sources deer need as it progresses into fall and winter. It’s very high in both protein and carbohydrates due to: 80% forage wheat, 13% bob oats, 3% cereal rye, 2% crimson clover and 2% trophy rape.

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2 | EDGE

Contents: Clover, oats, trophy rape, turnips, wheat, winter peas

Plants: 1 acre (50 pounds)

Planting Time: Late summer to early fall

MSRP: $88.00 (50 pounds)

The EDGE blend is one of the best options for maximum coverage. It’s perfect for either micro or feeding plots throughout the eastern half of the country. And it provides nearly year-round attraction. However, it could require slightly more maintenance with the increased clover ratio.

This blend offers more variety than the All Purpose blend, and includes 33% forage wheat, 27% bob oats, 27% Austrian winter peas, 10% crimson clover, 1% Barkant forage turnips, 1% trophy rape and 1% Winfred forage brassicas.

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3 | Timber

Contents: Brassica, cereal rye, clover, trophy rape, winter peas

Plants: 1/8 acre (5 pounds)

Planting Time: Late summer to early fall

MSRP: $30.00 (5 pounds)

Timber is made for those small micro plots tucked away in thick cover. If you have a secluded location that needs added attraction, this is the blend for the job. It should grow well in shaded areas, but also does fine in spots that receive more sunlight.

This blend consists of 50% Austrian winter peas, 30% cereal rye, 5% crimson clover, 5% Rampart ladino clover, 5% trophy rape and 5% Winfred forage brassica. The heavy dose of winter peas and cereal rye should lead to peak consumption during the rut and late season.

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Trophy Acre

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4 | Trophy Acre

Contents: Beets, chicory, clover, radishes, trophy rape, turnips, winter peas

Plants: 1 acre (20 pounds)

Planting Time: Late summer to early fall

MSRP: $73.00 (20 pounds)

Trophy Acre is designed in a manner that it will grow regardless of the climate (within reason). That’s the reason it includes so many different types of seed in one bag. If one thing doesn’t grow, something else in the bag should.

With 10 different plant species, this blend offers the most variety on the list. It has 25% icicle winter peas, 15% trophy rape, 15% purple top turnips, 15% dwarf Essex rape, 10% crimson clover, 5% antler chicory, 5% blackhawk arrowleaf clover, 5% Rampart ladino clover, 4% newbie sugar beets and 1% buck radish.

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Lazy Acre

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5 | Lazy Acre

Contents: clover, radishes, ryegrass, trophy rape

Plants: 1 acre (20 pounds)

Planting Time: Spring, late-summer or early fall

MSRP: $72.00 (20 pounds)

Just want something that’s easy to grow? The Lazy Acre blend is the one for you. It’s perfect for no-till planting. Just make sure you spray for weeds well in advance of seeding.

This blend offers very even distribution in seed contents. It includes 29% high-sugar forage ryegrass, 26% trophy rape, 20% crimson clover, 20% blackhawk arrowleaf clover and 5% buck radish.

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Shady Patch

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6 | Shady Patch

Contents: Brassica, clover, ryegrass, trophy rape

Plants: ¼ acre (5 pounds)

Planting Time: Spring, late summer or early fall

MSRP: $33.00 (5 pounds)

The Shady Patch blend is optimized for areas that receive little sunlight. Micro plots. Kill plots. Hidey holes. Secluded corners. Timber plots. Whatever you like to call them, this blend fits the bill. It also does well in a variety of soil types.

The blend ratio includes 35% Rampart ladino clover, 30% high-sugar ryegrass, 17.5% trophy rape and 17.5% Winfred forage brassicas. This option obviously goes heavy on the greens.

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Sugar Rush

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7 | Sugar Rush

Contents: Beets, brassica, turnips, rape

Plants: ½ acre (5 pounds)

Planting Time: Late summer to early fall

MSRP: $36.00 (5 pounds)

Some deer hunters and land managers are all about the brassica family. If that’s you, this Sugar Rush blend the perfect blend for your preference. It’s primed for peak consumption between late October through the late season.

This product includes 43% purple top turnips, 25% Barkant forage turnips, 17% Winfred forage brassica, 11% trophy rape and 4% newbie sugar beets. It’s all about the sweet broadleaves.

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Some food plot seed companies choose blends with a purpose. Others (seemingly) do not. Backwoods Attraction is among the former. And these seven options are some of the best on the market. Click through them and see which ones meet your specific food plot needs. Then add to cart, checkout and get your green thumb on.