Pay Dirt: Advanced Hog Trapping Tips


There are few things hunters despise more than a sounder of hogs. (Realtree photo)

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Genre: Land management

Produced By: Realtree Digital

Cast: Slade Priest

Released: August 19, 2019

Runtime: 4 minutes 27 seconds

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Hogs can be a very real problem for hunters, farmers and landowners. That’s especially true if you fail to manage the population.

The native wildlife and plant life suffer when this invasive species goes unchecked. And trapping is the only surefire way to control them. Any trap will work, but using remote-controlled traps is the best way for catching hogs in bulk.

“On last week’s episode, we learned all about hog trapping and the different methods that Duane, Kinion and Barrett were using,” said Realtree United Country’s Slade Priest. “I think the main thing we can take away from the hog episode and learning about how to trap hogs is, no matter how you take care of your hog population, you need to be working on it diligently.

“If you can do the big traps, that’s definitely the way to do it,” Priest said. “If you have 20, 30, or however many hogs coming to an area, the big traps that Duane and Kinion were using drop the gate and catch them all in one bunch. If you did your homework and you know how many hogs were in the area, you know that you caught every hog.”

In this episode, Priest reviews:

  • The benefits of big coral traps
  • Where to place them
  • When to drop the gate on a group of hogs
  • How to maintain them

All said, he stresses that any trapping plan is better than nothing at all, though.

Use remote-controlled traps to catch more hogs. (Realtree photo)

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