Pay Dirt: How to Trap Hogs


Got a hog problem? Get to trappin'. (Realtree photo)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Land management

Produced By: Realtree Digital

Cast: Slade Priest, Barrett Van Cleave, Jason Heathcoe, Kinion Bankston and Duane Mitchell

Released: August 14, 2019

Runtime: 11 minutes 5 seconds

Watch Here: How to Trap Hogs

Barrett Van Cleave preps a small hog trap. (Realtree photo)

Pay Dirt is all about land management. And this time, it’s all about managing explosive populations of wild hogs.

“On this week’s episode of Pay Dirt, we’re going to learn all about feral hogs, and how they’re devastating America,” Priest said. “They’re a real problem, and today we’re going to learn about trapping them so you can maintain the population on your place.

“The hogs in the South, not only are they affecting the wildlife, we plant pine trees and oak trees and try to maintain roads, and hogs are messing them up,” Priest continued. “Barrett uses a method of catching hogs in smaller traps. Not everyone can spend $4,000 or $5,000 on one. Some of these big traps even cost $10,000 [big coral traps]. But he’s having success with a lot of traditional [smaller] traps.”

Van Cleave will teach you:

  • All about smaller traps
  • How to set them
  • Best practices for regular use
  • How to maintain them

Using trail cameras strategically can help sell your hunting land faster. (Realtree photo)

Then Priest kicks it over to Realtree United Country Land Pro Jason Heathcoe, who highlights a really nice Tennessee property and provides some trail camera tips, too.

“So, you’ve had your property for years,” Heathcoe said. “You’ve got to move, or it’s time to upgrade your farm. The best thing you can do to solidify your land as a hunting tract to potential buyers is trail camera pictures. My personal favorite is the Stealth Cam. They’ll send pictures right to my phone.”

He discusses:

  • How to sell land faster
  • Ways to use trail cameras more efficiently
  • How to use trail cameras to sell hunting properties

Slade Priest, Kinion Bankston and Duane Mitchell discuss the benefits of using larger coral-style traps. (Realtree photo)

Lastly, Priest joins Kinion Bankston and Duane Mitchell for advice on using larger traps. These are more effective, but much more expensive.

“How it works is, when all of the hogs come in — not just part of them — you drop the gate,” Mitchell said.

“We’re catching the whole sounder,” Bankston concurred. “The gate is cellular controlled. So once we see all of the hogs inside of the trap, we call it, it drops, and you’ve caught all of the hogs.”

They cover:

  • How to install a big coral trap
  • Where to place them
  • When to drop the gate on a group of hogs

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